one thing i think about is how, in neoliberalism, it is for a given accepted that not only will corporations never do what is morally right, but that the government has no say in it. individuals ourselves have to shoulder this burden, and it's a breeding ground for extremism

its the "End of History" style of thinking and what has emerged is what Ulrich Beck called "subpolitics", individual moral stances that we MUST take under the dominant ideological scheme or else we're evil hypocrites

it's impossible to carry & its rational conclusion is violence

To be able to respond, we must not only be able to perceive threats to ourselves and our world, but to be able to see a way out

Neoliberal Capitalism puts up an illusion of one, don't drink bottled water, but it's on sale, and eat less animals, but this one is fair trade!

The dominant ideology today is that politics is impossible. Democracy is itself, impossible. Therefore we cannot act morally and we become paralyzed and passive.

We're told to vote but the only choices are Evil and Evil Jr. now with black people and gay people sometimes

The people in power tell us that for a very good reason. If we were to organize and engage not in subpolitics but in politics, we'd be immensely powerful

And so, every organ of power is turned to tell us stories wherein people who take radical action, whilst moral, are wrong

so yes, we are complicit in an evil system, and we shoulder collective responsibility, but not sole responsibility

the choice is not between hopelessness and Coke Zero Organic Fair Trade

but it's the forbidden choice between individual or mass action, unionization and politics

none of this is new, the analysis of how we're made to see only a false choice between hopelessness, which inherently is asking people to do extreme individual acts; or liberalism

Peter Camejo talked about it in 1970, scroll down to heading Orientation #1

there was 0% chance I was not going to link to something on, but what i'm saying is you should read some of the old stuff, it's good

Read Mao, Lenin, Marx

Go out, join a march, talk to people and not just say "Stop Imperialism" but "Out of Syria now" and not just "Trans Lives Matter" but "Trans Health Care Now"

Even Trump could say "hey I'm antiwar, these crazy endless wars", even Biden can say "we gotta leave Afghanistan", but they will not say "we gotta pull ALL US troops off foreign soil and stop interfering in their national affairs"

so what is America?

built on murder, theft, and brutality.

a lot of people ask what is to happen after the revolution? we will never be made whole again, too much time has passed. but if we were all equally represented in a system, maybe we can sit, grieve, and mourn together

i don't know what will happen after the revolution, fantasies about it are nice because they're motivating, but i do know that until we're beyond that point, there is no hope for any of these old wounds to not be reopened time and again by the system as it is currently

what i do know is that this horrible moral injury we're all carrying together is too much for any one person, it can only be carried collectively

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