how did Hitler become Europe's richest man? besides his book sales; he dodged his taxes, getting the German government to make him tax-exempt; he paid himself 2 state salaries; and skimmed billions off Nazi Party donations from the likes of Ford & Krupp

it's estimated he amassed a personal worth of over $5 billion today between lavish personal properties, investments, and tax-exempt bank accounts

he left them to the state, in particular Bavaria laid claim to any liquid funds in West Germany as he was a bavarian resident


The Bavarian government holds the copyright to Mein Kampf today, but they banned any German publishers from publishing it, and all existing royalties were paid for post-war charities for refugees

However the story of the foreign royalty rights is more interesting

In the US, Houghton Mifflin bought the rights and royalties from the US govt seizure for 37k, and collected 700k in royalties. After an outcry, this too was donated

In the UK, the royalties sat in limbo, no one wanting the blood money

Other foreign royalties went to Bavaria

The Bavarian government quietly collected and donated these royalties as well

In 2016, it entered the public domain, and it was immediately republished and became a best-seller in Germany, selling out on Amazon Germany in just hours

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