if your Big Data person does NOT know what this picture means, get rid of them

@poppyhaze I'd never seen it visualized before. Kind of amazing that they looked at this and noone thought, "so weird that they never shoot the engines or cockpit"

@poppyhaze Good rule. I'm not even a data scientist and I've learned this lesson. You can even work it out from intuition with prompting. For example, notice no bullet holes on the cockpit and engines? Why is that?

@poppyhaze That is an incredibly helpful image description!

@IceWolf i try to endeavor for that and also to add weird jokes and cracks so screenreader users get extra content

@poppyhaze if you have a "Big Data person", get rid of them

@poppyhaze They probably should've added some red dots to the cockpit and engines just for good measure.

@poppyhaze I'm not a Big Data person, so lemme guess...

The red dots are shotholes from many crashed and salvaged planes in WW2, marking the area where reinforcement for the remaining planes is advisable?

Or is it the other way round? Shotholes from many planes that did not crash, so the red dots mark the area where reinforcement is NOT needed, because the plane survived despite taking a shot?

@anathem The last case and it's a typical example of the survival bias one would hear at statistics courses. @poppyhaze

@poppyhaze Ah, the classic diagram of all the places a plane can get shot and still land safely.
@poppyhaze Reminds me of the sort of replies I get to making bug reports: Claiming the problem can't exist as I'm the only one reporting it.

@poppyhaze Would't getting rid of them be de-selection bias?

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