I like the other disaster lesbians chipping in their stories of being completely oblivious

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@poppyhaze mine came into my room while I was sleeping, physically dragged me into bed with her, and took me to bed every night after that and I still didn't I mean I sort of did but

@poppyhaze "She once held my hand while we were walking outside and she wanted to pull me along. She didn't let go until she had to, and since then whenever we go out, she holds my hand. I don't know if it's platonic."

holy shit

@poppyhaze god this is so good i love this whole impossibly perfect and sweet list

@poppyhaze "you're already dating and you just don't realize it yet"


@poppyhaze how do people keep doing this thing where they are so thickheaded in actual real life that a romcom author would get yelled at by their editor for writing something like that

@poppyhaze this is so sweet and cute and tbh i feel so much better about all the times i’ve been oblivious because at least it’s not that much


This is the sweetest, most mind-bendingly uncertain girl and I desperately want to hear that she asked her friend out and then they spent the entire night snuggling and smooching under the same blanket


Didn't even get anywhere near through the list before I was shouting "SMOOCH HER CUTE FACE"

@poppyhaze really thought this was gonna end with ‘she proposed to me! She probably thought it was a funny joke? Anyway, we’re meeting the wedding planner this afternoon’

@poppyhaze @halcy yayyy it worked out reddit.com/r/actuallesbians/co I'm always worried when real life situations blow up social media that the poster's life gonna take blowback

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