OK I have to figure out which account this is, which email this goes with, and label them in my password keeper...
BRB, maybe.

Proprietary software is privilege. Not everyone can afford a $2,000 mac or a $100 windows subscription. If you use free software and have the skill to do so, please contribute back. Freely we received, freely we learned, so freely we must give and teach.

I have found some relief, but it's only a stopgap
so to speak

To be frank... (NSFW, very hornt) 

On the subject of girlcock 

Sweethearts wanted 

Sorry, I don't mean to go randomly following people without consent first. I beg your pardon.

If the sixth attempt at uploading at Peertube fails, I'm giving up for the night. I have to wake up before five o'clock tomorrow!


weird military history dude: "yeah I know all about every kind of weapon used in WW1"

me: "remember how every colonial power in Europe wasn't satisfied pillaging literally the entire rest of the world so their wealthy industrialists, politicians and royal families decided to throw waves of their own people at each other for reasons still unclear to this day, resulting in quite possibly the most vile and pointless bloodshed in the history of the region, the end of which was handled so poorly that the majority of experts on subjects political and military agreed WW2 was all but a guaranteed thing????"

weird military history dude: "gods plan"

My darn video upload at Peertube keeps failing and/or stalling out...

what's a girl to do?

also, today I feel VERY girly and rather frisky.

The best propaganda is the propaganda you don't notice. Which is why you need to mute and block any/all commercials. Don't just ignore it. They're chipping away at you.
If you can't mute, reply to it. Yes, talk to the tv. Make the fearmongering sound silly, aggressively regect the rhetorical questions, groan when a man is useless at housework. Get the whole car/house in on it.

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