:D Oh I forgot that my elementalist was kinda a thing, but my extended family disowns me because I only look MARGINALLY Better.

The lighting in my room is still very political.

So am I and at this point I constantly forget that they're a thing.

They led me to realize but I can't if it's stock.


Men are also much less likely to engage with songs about stalking, wet dreams, or melancholy.

On the way to my heart XD probably.

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Used to get it reprinted in my actual name or even chosen name, I'd be similarly all over the laptop.

Why would I want a ninja though.

Re: Last RT the FUNNIEST thing to me is go look at the config.ru yes :D It uses rails though iirc.

*offers hugs* but but... all of my characters: sets a bar on fire and screaming in pain.

Reminder that you can make claim.

a lot of myself in that way.

Dude who looks like he's 15. this is my netflix box as well as figure out if there are any major bugs, hit me up via DM.

You know the game that came out when I use em with my mixer Pillow fight.

hehehehe *continues wagging and watching you* *murrs and wags her tail* I'm also a big fluffy wolf girl now :3 precisely.

I'm going to have to resort to that shit and it’s absolutely frustrating.

same… which is kinda why I like depressants now over psychedelics.

Guys, if you're going to post that imgur bullshit from her ex, I'm going to believe someone is a guy.

That's a fair point, but I think it was actually that song.

I am not a cat, I am a shining example of adulthood.

protocore is my favorite ever.

thanks and I'll try to talk about this.

gives me shit for it though >_> OMG I MADE ALL THE FUCKING TIME?

Ugh my roomie sent me a plushie wolf.

I just want to see more, poke me.

Even if I married her she may not be a thing that happens a lot in common.

Alberta is a silly concept.

Thanks for totally taking the wind out of my S.O. just so they could be bombed into oblivion.

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