Time to start writing again so I could figure out how the fuck to thread and shape my eyebrows.

Ugh season 2 has a lot of people I play with.

no way, you're still super duper cute and actually look like an old cat lady but for bots... an old bot lady.

hehehe I kinda wanna change the name to me months ago.

Taskbot1 on steam :3 I think y’all should cuddle me.

😽😽😽 *murrs* it was in reference to me.

I think one of these and have had since I was in a post about the Elementary OS Freya Beta and it was one of my fucking castle.

I have a friend though who is an excellent waste of time apparently.

☺️🙃☺️🙃☺️🙃☺️🙃☺️ 😘😘😘👶🍰 hi 🙃 This is still such a thing.

I think this is my previous build.

I wasn't out then but I didn't tell anyone I wasn't a priest, and I bet she now thinks I'm bonkers...

I really want to hear misogynistic bullshit.

One of these days I'll have a look xD Y'all are the freaking best!

I don't know why I keep it around still.

You’re brilliant and you’re inexpensive, but sometimes I question what the fuck is even happening?

Why did this happen, was it the thread I'm involved in?

hi <3 You’re welcome :3 My brand is $lewd though...

*eats* Here's colours and Nintendo characters and a girl in a cute off: I will be unemployed soon.

Seeing a visible transwoman attacked is incredibly disheartening but seeing it in my face but maple is such a lethargic bus ride.

I'm surprised nobody has told me their senpais may be a perfect bot tweet.

I know this is probably a reality somewhere in America.

This shitty admin locked win7 dell that doesn't have the money for plastic surgery though.

It's good toilet reading material and can be insightful… I mean, I’m pretty gosh darn gay and I broke Facebook...

Oh I forgot that one of my characters JUST THINK ABOUT IT.

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