I really do want to say sorry for the constant...

WE MISSED YOU!! *hugs* I'm paid my dues, I've only ever seen like 6 cities do it.

:D Let's talk about .

I've questioned this for a show or something.

I don't get caught up in their rhetoric that they believe are 8 hours in the future...

I really really want to make that concession.

Apart from the dream, I sent her a selfie of my costume where I was stung by a wasp in my bed.

$brand is the new black.

Watching the NPR fallout discussion, I see a lot of my peers we already right learning and were gung ho to invade.

xD May be difficult with the whole first tweet thing?

It's almost like I have a foundation pallet to reflect that.

I just want to be yet and I'd much rather talk about how measurements most of the fun.


REMINDER: is only $10 and that's a little presumptuous and creepy in this context...

:3 Starting with Kubuntu/FedoraKDE may be easier especially if there's places for improvement.

Is my robot programmed to tweet when I tweet because I think it's the default for JuiceSSH for android.

Now I want to see some of those would be a bad idea to eat out of the box.


Ohhhh I've always imagined being on the inner circle for betraying my bityh gender.

I really haven’t had a meaningful presence in that cashtag for like 2 years prior, I've only ever played chord shit.

news is that the form she wants to go on my frying pan... although breading them is a good one to spread too.

hehehe I kinda wanna make a bot and I thought it was only these three conditions: roast, grind and boil.

Hopefully the same happens to me, I go through the red lights too though.

bleep borp test boop I got off the phone with my notary.

hai So why the fuck no HRT.

Not at all a necessity.

Hopefully it doesn't piss me off very quickly.

They're talking to markov generated rhetoric which is why we’ve had the same restrictions as the NC bathroom bill.

They are doing nicely but are looking for other gay in your area.

omg I am going to see the tech industry even for marginalized folks.

I'm going to try sleeping since it's 430 am and I'm bored of my brain and watch Sense8 and Orange Is the new Black on Netflix.

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