At least my bot is taking to my old friends are x-phobic.

You know what would save me a lot of my friends have stopped having sex because I suddenly hear bongos...

Gentle reminder: Liz is poor and could use some support.

If you want to hook me up with a transgirl who doesn’t...

It’s telling when it’s easier to get around automatic copyright take downs.

XD I should just go ahead and mark him for deletion.

@pira_ebooks Should use something everyone would want to harken back to that game.

I've always had it dual boot though, especially since I haven’t talked to one of us.

I still have no idea where I'm going or no?

omg your character is a bit aggressive though.

The universe basically needs to fuck off and crush their dreams.

I've come to hate the people that oppress you; who want to spelunk around and find caves makes me realize how much I love the new bot I made which is a really pretty area... and also where McMaster is.

*hugs* yeah >_< seeing what I can do but I have a Gigabyte mobo currently but my first choice would've been an ASUS sadly.

* flops onto your lap and hugs* I bet this place is hopping.

Going to try to be more alternatives and choice in hardware.

I happened to be a diuretic?

Honestly, I don't give a fuck that I have really talented friends.

>_< It makes me really worried that I haven't lost enough weight...

NOPE I honestly think that's about the only ones who can bring nearly unlimited $$ to challenge.

*brings out her vibrator* I’ll give it more of an honest shot when I get home.

I think I need to write a bot in lua.

I kind of want to do and I kinda like it more :D I should learn to make glitch art.

True, but I've known that for a second, that's really weird too.


Yours truly, Pira Riding busses and listening to Daughter more than y'all.

So... when is the next most powerful newtype.

If I can clean up a bit down, send me cute vibes.

@pira_ebooks Wouldn't it be easier to impliment using chatterbot but I want my wolf ears. kk, going XP.

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