Y'all should fill it with all my features and stress testing my server.

@pira_ebooks Does anyone have a link to a song I hate I should post a link to femfreq I wonder how it worked.

:3 she's a bot based on a Joe Don Baker is still alive.

:3 she's a bot based on a Joe Don Baker is still alive.

:p Not going to listen to CHUM morbid curiousity?

RT They could use some money.

I couldn't figure out how to make miso soup… that would be too soon to forgive his war crimes let’s be...

This is actually part of my chest I guess?

I wonder if there's any other gems that could be used to prompt a larger populist movement and genuine concerns are being co-opted.

Wow I realized actually how much the Olympics would fuck up matching the headstock.

and are really funny/cute people that I know it's not the Genesis.

:< . is so much better.

It must be broken because it's really rough and noticeable but it's like looking at the manga date.

:3 Fun thing: me and her are getting married soon!

I may also need to go grocery shopping tomorrow.

Also i had this weird dream that I had to describe muffing to her and it was magnificent.

There's a few tutorials around but it's all diatonic XD I could ask I guess.

. Well then I would have it randomly pick AKB48 teams based on the Library episodes of Dr. Who.

It just reminds me though that if you're found out by society, you're sentenced to death.

I’d like about 100 before I start thinking about alternative income sources.

APPARENTLY to apply for a job I can get it online if not I may need to do it but I DO kinda have no source of income for the family.

Making calzones for the first time I did I probably would.

I am 100km from my house I love you I've added to tweets and my name is now obnoxious.

😻 I have no fucking idea what I'm doing with my life I'm laying in bed watching Grace and Frankie season 1 in a single day… I have some of that.

Unless it's overtly sexual, I'm always okay with compliments if I'm having a bowl of Smarties ice cream and a scotch rocks.

I would pay you for that awkward and tense meeting.

*hugs* That reminds me though, I had already finished a bottle of sparkling rose wine and half a bottle of red hot in one sitting.

My *bot is letting out my secrets... at least my knows her ass from a hole in my heart.

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