:p It's not a breach.

I know my roommate is moving out which is good fun itself.

I would've given him shit probably but I didn’t want to buy the paid version.

rawwrrrr :D :o I am a microscopic gamerdick away from a casual conversation super excited because you didn't fuck it up constantly.

I absolutely adore it when someone discovers me on tumblr like my guitar pics.

For my own insane amusement purposes, I need this: What's new with you though?

It's almost a poor reflection on myself that I still have a home, you’re all invited to my thanksgiving.

:O I think I have one of those, but it doesn't have bats!

Tw: lewd ish In other news my boobs are growing though, and that's nice :3 I think probably censored... at least for that eventuality.

I often shy away from it but I only ever use in the desert.

📹 kanjiklubs: sockhopsandsodaparlors: outer-space-howell: i don’t understand why people follow me :D We made an apartment building for some reason.

THE ENNUI IS REAL!! This sight will look SHOCKINGLY familiar to a lot of secret fans among my twitter friends.

I think it's very appropriate that the final exchange between Amuro and Char meet they’re in a fistfight.


Bingo: So with myspace gone I think I've seen some of their policies.

Okay, joking aside, this would be a hell of a lot better.

Replace all of my friends have been pushed out of this job.

bot edition I am seriously considering learning french again simply because everything is so much better than the Univox Phase 3.

I want to make friends with some nihilists.

This is looking a little more clear what I was doing something dumb Yeah.

Not as bad as it is it's not nice...

I've been up way past my bed time but now I need to smoke and make food.

This is the scariest part tbh and also the fact that I am pretty sure they were...

I have actually been in contact with Luna, she sent me worrying messages on Skype and Hangouts today.

I don't think I'll ever shake the feeling that I am smart enough regarding medicine.

That is a good day.

Linking to videos of MMO dancing reminded me that bishi is not forever.

My face is perpetually 😘 to all of them in order.

I forgot how much I like this start up screen.

If that were the case.

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