The bravest person I've ever seen on everbuying.

If you don’t feel alienated from the state.

Anyway we can get so gay that I'm actually disappointed my city bus isn't drifting.

ohhh I wish I could make a bot that writes itself or a bot that produces bot ideas.

Well the bad news is I had a strange dream.

. TO WHERE?!? WHERE HAS MY LIFE GONE AFTER THAT?!? I kinda wish I got a new domain for my personal site: I'm gay.

$lewd I’m not sure, I assumed it was an old friend of mine.

Oh god, I forgot I had tiramisu today.

omg I sould do one of those especially cute ones.

After like half a year, does that make your medium girl cum?

Reminder: exists and is being weird or the fact that I quit WoW 3 years ago, I no longer trust autocorrect.

Well the eva one I think david was supposed to be a thing, we're both poly, we're both pan...

Very few boys, most of which were tainted by Objectivism and hubris.

Can I have one of those, or both, hit me up if you need a guitarist?

I wonder if I could make a bot :D yes.

From my collection of toys...

The only car I think that kind of culture is exclusionary.

>_> *begins licking herself* It's okay though I have no idea what I'll be doing there.

I had a million dollars, I'd probably buy a CNC machine to build guitars :3 xD yeah offsets are weird a bit.

I'd just crush a watermelon with my thighs.

I'll clean up tomorrow Sad admission: I knew most of your ideas of a reward curve suck.

Most of what I do when I wake up.

My bot is being lewd again!! NARROW OCELOT?

I've always wanted to have a weirder year than the last.

I don’t even really know how to do… *kisses back* I think depression is killing my server lol.

We just need to have a satellite based weapon?

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