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what the fuck is hatsune miku i thought she was a virtual artist gorillaz type of deal but shes software? but she performs live? but shes a vocaloid soundbank but everyone talks about her like she does things like shes an individual? what the FUCK is hatsune miku

things user/profile systems fuck up, bad assumptions
- the user will never delete their account
- the user should be expected to individually delete their posts
- the user will never change their legal name
- the user will never change their email address
- the user will never change their phone number
- if they do change those things, surely they will think to use our change info ui before getting rid of their old name/phone number/email address
- the same as above, but with SSO linkages

ur bitch is running ARCH on her CELL PHONE
sxmo is a cool ass little wm. doesnt try to act like android at all which i love. its a tiling wm. main interface is menus u navigate with the volume rocker and power button. having so much fucking fun right now. this is like when i got my dads samsung moment when he upgraded in like 2012 or whatever and went to town rooting it and breaking it every way i knew how, except i have so much more knowledge now and can break this phone in even cooler ways B)

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got the pinephone. this is the coolest thing i have ever fucking seen

pigeon pit pigeon pit aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it was so fucking good. it was so fucking good. theres nothing better than being surrounded by trans women screaming every word to every song and going just fuckin. fuckin nutty. im still vibrating
also met a friend from twitter that i didnt know was gonna be there !!! i love meeting people

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ordered a pine phone. im so excited its disgusting. never been this giddy about a phone ever/ hardware kill switches for antennae and mic/cam!!!! idc that its got the power and ux of a mid range android from like 2010 lmao im so pumped

From this little notebook I have in my lap, I can get high resolution photos of deep space, or scans of mosaic work done in pompeii 2000 years ago, or watch a silent film made in mexico in 1927, or read a novel published in the 1850s, or listen to a radio broadcast of a baseball game played in 1935, or watch an 8 hour train ride through the european countryside, or see pictures or video of Machu Picchu.

All of these things are at my fingertips.

And I mostly use it to read words that make me sad and angry while also making money for rich people.

oh. lmfao. i guess i took it apart since i last used it and forgot to plug a ribbon cable in. my b

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my volca fm wont turn on any more! i love when my shit breaks for no reason

recording 3 or 4 finals for the album today. the rest tomorrow. upload and goes live saturday. poggers

Living Life As Sierra: Homo Girl Kills All 9 Supreme Court Justices

had a pretty bad week but wrote 2 new songs and recorded a lot so whatever

memory from when i was suicidal 

not looking for sympathy, just something that came to mind

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memory from when i was suicidal 

thinking about when i showed my dad a drawing from my sketchbook to convey how i was feeling the day after i attempted suicide and he rolled his eyes at it

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