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Reminder: I'm not "guy", "dude", "bro" or "sir". This is your only warning.

Our VPS is going down for a few days because we're migrating the server to Iceland. Website will be down for a bit until we have backup arrangements fully set up.

cat-v, why the fuck is meow banned on your irc channel? rude

exposure to fedi is slowly turning me gayer through osmosis :hehehe:

my mom: why dont you cut your hair you look like a woman and a hippie

me, thinking: *if you only knew lmao*

the moment when i got banned from apothecary for having an obvious joke in my display name

pretty much homeless atm but in all honesty I don't even care. i don't feel compelled to live a lie, im free from all the bigotry and toxicity surrounding my own family, and i can finally breathe

kiwifarms alternative where we prove every troon is cute and based (I can't sleep)

Boy I wish the term "tea party" didn't have such scary associations

I could use a pink princess tea party with cake right now

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