hey go follow @nanopaws@cybre.space for future non-horny content bc this instance too dang horny but ALSO i wanna post nudes

god im hongry im gonna get some stoner food i dont even smoke weed so im valid

@nano its called grub n stuff and its attached to a headshop called puff n stuff which is just fantastic

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not even a block from our apartment theres a goodass foodplace that just sells really good munchies food and its tempting to just go there every day

next up on the menu is a shot of gourmet vantablack

pedophilia mention 

mastodon is cool, now can we get rid of the open pedophile instances that welcome loli/shota art
because what the fuck

if im not supposed to eat paint then why do i have an oral fixation and a strong affinity for bright colors

guess who just got to hold $10k worth of antipsychotic injections!
now guess who had to personally throw $8k of it in the trash

just got hit on over the phone which is on one hand really fuckin weird and unwarranted
but on the other hand my voice is “sexy” and i like that

i love seeing deer bc those little mfers love eatin grass and leafs thats basically all they ever do

being trans and ocd is oversharing traumas with other trans girls but going way beyond Normal Oversharing and not knowing when to Stop but then talking abt eating poptarts to feel better

i wanna be a tortured forgotten god cursed to languish in my eternal obscurity

i only take selfies while outside and looking vaguely upset

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