i can probably just tell my sister i'm trans. she's literally yelling at j.k. rowling on twitter for being a terf right now

If you're wanting to support Black film, you can start by watching "Rebelle", a short doc on a Black sex worker and activist.

No we don't get money from the views, but you can support our work by subscribing to my content or becoming a Patron of Rebelle and support Heaux History Project. An archival/docu project on Black sexworkers.


the entire point of being a leftist is that you are more than your value

in the same way that you're not a machine that takes in food and spits out value, you're also not a machine that takes in food and spits out revolution

any decent leftism will recognize that you're a full person

as the old cliche goes, you can't pour from an empty glass

blm rebellions 2020, nyc 

The cops attacked Stonewall. Yes, that Stonewall. No, they weren't even protesting, they were attending medically to the protestors that they had injured.


theory: system of a down has aged incredibly well because all of their lyrics read exactly like posts you would read on the tl

exhibit 1: my cock is much bigger than yours. my cock can walk right through the door.
exhibit 2: revolution, the only solution, the armed response of an entire nation. we've taken all your shit, now it's time for restitution

therapist: yes, you want people you care about to be safe. if only we could have peaceful protests instead of these awful riots.

me: i want to kill and eat target ceo brian cornell.

Alt right types going on about "the organization Antifa" reminds me how the FBI thought people calling themselves a "friend of dorothy" meant there was an actual lgbtq ringleader called Dorothy

At a Zoom meeting with the ANTIFA Board of Directors this morning, discussing our “image problem.” Big changes coming from the top soon. Press conference next Wednesday on the steps of the National AntiFa Building in D.C.

blm rebellions 2020 

Breonna Taylor's case has been reopened.


Direct action gets the goods. KEEP IT UP.

cops, sailor moon shitpost 

the sailor scouts are hardcore

@wintgenstein @Suplex Gonna procrastinate until the last minute then just steal from a bunch of twitter threads

Idk if someone already shared it here but Miss Major has a retirement fund u can donate to!
>> fundly.com/missmajor

She also has an Instagram if u'd like to follow her here :)
>> instagram.com/missmajor1?igshi

Link to the tweet:
>> twitter.com/cowboyclickbait/st

saw this and started laughing like an asthmatic hyena for about 10 minutes

portland police / + 

This is the first step in abolishment. First we disarm, then defund, and finally disband.

It seems entirely possible that continued pressure could push city council to remove many riot control use of force armaments. Maybe even removing guns from a large part of the force.

The Portland Police budget is currently under review. Ted Wheeler wants to spend 32% of the city budget just on police. We can push to defund them.

We can push for the police to be replaced by organizing dual power models that make the police unnecessary.

We can abolish the police.


@ArtistMarciaX "Black Lives Matter" means, to me, that Black *lives* matter, not just Black deaths, as in day-to-day life, feelings, work, dreams... as whole people. Consuming Black people's victimization & struggle for symbolism & catharsis instead of meeting them as human beings is another form of dehumanization, a way of saying they only matter to you as objects to suffer, die, and inspire. Black lives don't matter to us if we don't care about actual Black people living their lives.

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