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fully screaming at this elections law(???) filing - from the dude that got fired by his law firm for storming the Capitol - that cites Lord of the Rings as it asks the court to put two whole branches of the federal government into ""stewardship"" while they are prosecuted for Crimes [pdf]

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"Diaz said he has wanted to crack down on property destruction for months, and it’s becoming clear in his view, especially after the new Biden administration began this week, that violent protesters and vandals aren’t promoting a cause."


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oh ok i understand why everyone's talking about the coronavirus anime twink now

i wish i had another bilingual pun to make my display name but i super haven't kept up with japanese or french this year so i don't have any new ones lol

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Good Morning
If you use #FediBlock & want to help support the Afro-Indigenous femme that started it you can either donate to my liberapay, or sign up to my DIY content subscription service, all links on my profile. Don't erase me from my work.

@gingerrroot helped worked to get that tag off the ground, help her out too.

Stop erasing femmes from their community efforts on here, esp the ones of color who have been here for yrs at this point.

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@nagaiaida ok listen. i try really hard to be a good guy. and i care about you a lot and would do a lot for you. but if someone offered me xtra color cones and was like "you can either take these for yourself and see shrimp colors or give these to alice so she's not color blind anymore" im so sorry but

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i didn't really do much today even though i tried to catch up on stuff lol

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making a tabletop roleplaying game system that's exclusively character creation, meant to be played solo and then you share the results

my weird family 

@myconidiosyncrasy your thread reminded me that when i lost my wallet my parents were like "oh my god so you lost your social security card!?"



why on earth would i go places with my social security card? that's how you lose your social security card

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clearance adhd moods we have overstock:

-vague unspecified guilt about procrastinating that ur afraid to investigate in case it turns out there really is something ur procrastinating
-i have no idea where my social security card is :)
-body: eat food. me: i can't eat actually im too busy not doing anything
-Unbelievable Rage and Fury that comes on so fast and strong you get whiplash
-pretending you haven't not done the dishes in literally 8+ months

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COVID-19, mutual aid efforts 

Hi friends!

If you are looking for ways to help, might I point you at the mask donation drive by Friends of Pine Ridge Reservation?

Indigenous folks have been hit disproportionately hard by COVID-19, and they can use your help:


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[the top insulin producers collude to triple the price of insulin in lockstep over the last decade]:

[Republicans]: *sleep*

[conservatives don't have a viable social media platform where they can be openly racist]:

[Republicans]: *suddenly discover anti-trust laws*

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i think my professor just gave three very predictable examples of people reacting to self-driving cars and said they were the sort of thing you could never in a million years predict until the technology was actually out there

huh at some point i accidentally torrented audiobooks of the bartimaeus books instead of ebooks and i guess i didn't question the ludicrous filesize

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