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Things that often surprise new partners and other useful tidbits before you date me (1/2) 

- As of this month I'm 38.
- I'm a literal mommy and my kids are in their teens.
- I have executive dysfunction and my apartment is permamessy.
- I'm religious but it's a fun one (umbanda shamanism)
- I'm part of a promiscuous band of queers and date an improbable number of stable partners.
- A lot of that is like, emotional support, cuddling, cooking etc. My online presence is more sexual than me irl.

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~hooking up with me mini-guide~

- will host/domme/cuddle trans/nb folk at my comfy place in NRW

- not interested in online domming

- do not bring animal products into the house (food, leather etc.)

- do bring more queer ppl into the house

- my apartment is also available if you just need a place to crash, or to hook up with other folk

- do not eat the spirit offerings

- as covid cools down, bdsm scene stuff starts to be possible again, if you need a domme to go with you ping me

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criteria for sexual interaction, politics, please read before interact 

If you disagree with any of the following statements:

- Capitalism is very bad and must be abolished urgently.
- Immigration borders, same.
- Black and indigenous folk are owed reparations.
- All white people are racist and it's our responsibility to actively unlearn it.
- Deplatforming is good.

Then you don't have our consent to interact with us here. Spare us both the trouble and go away.

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i should pin trans girls

was going to write "I should pin this toot" but this^ came out instead and I like it better

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things I wanna do to every subby cutie who comes my way, intense

I think I never really spelled it out but it's ok to save photos from this account. it's going to be deleted in the near future so if you want your favorites to stay around go ahead. thanks for all the positive engagement, I only ever had good experiences here and it showed me that one can be publicly sexual and not like warding off harassers all the time or something? that one could have not parasocial dynamics but community. dunno what I'm saying, just, thanks for playing o/

impregnation kink 

woke up still in the timeline where I can't impregnate trans girls :blobcry:

sexual/arousal nudity, tattoos, pol, all my nudes are pol for the rest of my life now 

introducing: the body politic. now with 50% more politic :blobcat_mlem:

b-but algorithm-sempai, you don't get it, I like, girls... 👉👈

instagram: here's another femboy in panties

me: :blob_dizzy_face: 👆❤️

sex work kink, sex photo, bondage, blindfold, toys 

hmm dunno I'm just brooding over all this stuff going on, feel bad for akai-chan but I guess I don't feel super in the mood

@akai : *throws 50€ on my boobs*


mh vs. slutting problems 

also the other day I was randomly samba'ing to Angolan music to a group of Angolan ppl while in full riot gear (this kind of stuff just keeps happening) and turns out the singer was in the group and hit on me the right way, so I gave him my insta so he could see my tits, but now I'm too depressed to post them

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mh vs. instagram problems, sw 

was featured by a trans sex worker org¹ on insta and I was too depressed to insta and missed it, now I can't see it anymore cos the story is over >.>

1) I don't do sex work, just wish I could

Nudevember thread, does outright porn count as "nude"?, oral sex 

glad you like the food, honey! sorry, I need to rest a bit, I'm kinda down…

could you make me some warm tea? 🙏
nice, ty! no don't go wash dishes
I want you.

come here snuggle a bit… rest on my boobs they're soft…

yes you're right, the estrogen made your butt even squishier :>
sigh I love the way you touch me~
yes more
(grabs their head) yes
(pulls it down) here
(envelops it with thighs)

#5: Egocentrism<3

this is just in:

found a Pixel 3XL for 100€ on Kleinanzeigen. The front camera in this thing has an aux lens for focus and it's better than even the 4, it's a great selfiephone. Lineage-supported too. Deal with the devil again I know but I'm gonna post ~so~ much instagram porn with this :>

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this is just in: the old evilphone which had stopped charging decided to charge again for no reason. your porn services will resume immediately with google(tm) camera ai trickery

(eye contact in photo)

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whoops! fairphone screen borked! we apologise for the interruption in your daily porn services until we find the opportunity to take it apart and put it together again and see if it helps.

(eye contact in photo)

telegram channel announcement, softcore porn, politics 

since I'm so active on Instagram lately I put up a telegram channel to collect the stories:

samples below so you can see if it's your kind of thing

Nudevember 03: Tools 

Originally @mitsumi and I planned to drill holes in the wall naked for this keyword.
But this improvised setting is even better :3

transmisic nonsense discourse vs. confidence in my gender, also it's horny 

transition year 1: is it problematic that I get horny looking at my thighs? like if I have autogynephilia does that mean I'm not a real woman? do girls get a hardon when they dress sexy, isn't that for crossdressers?

trans. year 4: damn my own porn is so fucking hot, can't get enough of this body look at these fucking boobs omg, I'll need to vibe my erect clit to orgasm watching my own clips again, I love being a woman

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