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masto mild drama screenshot 

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transphobia/homophobia/reddit/mind control 

Been out of the masto shop for a little while. Is this still a known hangout for "commies"

woah why is the timeline moving so much faster right now

the clout barony is an elected legislative body, actually

I have room in my brain for many things but the problem is I have filled it with tons of the most entry level bullshit on a lot of topics and no depth whatsoever

listening to ningen isu and not being able to read the titles so im like "i really like the album with the pink horsey thing on the cover"

think itd be fun to start laughing like OHOHOHOHOHOHOHO

sorry but the hyphen in spider-man is right there on the cover and littered everywhere in each issue.... nuff said

everyone is always like β€œcats can have a little salami. cats can’t have salami.” well what about me

Me, whenever i meet someone named Howard: Howard be thy name

video game where you travel back in time to the garden of eden to kill adam with a shotgun 

I believe I have successfully updated Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs for the Mastodon crowd. I am submitting this paper to Psychological Bulletin

uspol shitpost 

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