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masto mild drama screenshot 

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driving up to the google offices to play the solidarity forever nightcore remix at full blast outside. the techbros are persuaded to unionise

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transphobia/homophobia/reddit/mind control 

1 reply = 1 book from my shelf I think represents you

suddenly hit with the terrible certainty that there is an evolutionary psychologist out there who thinks introversion is an evolutionary adaptation to help curb the spread of disease

before the quarantine i was gonna get hold of the xenogenesis books because i heard octavia butler writes some good weird, fucked-up science fiction and i was asking the guy at this local bookshop about it, he said it was out of print but there was a collection that cost like 40 quid (which is why i didnt get it at the time) and it had been renamed to lilithsbrood, probably because, and this is a direct quote, "americans can't spell xenogenesis"

It’s cool Rowling’s publishers changed the philosopher’s stone to the sorcerer’s stone for American readers. For us, thinking hard is a kind of sorcery

bot post 

There is a relative derth of conspiracy theories in American popular culture that involve the Catholic Church despite the fact that the institution is like primed for conspiracies about itself

A transphobic "woke" trend that needs to stop 

academic journal: you can buy access to this article for $69
me (copy-pasting the doi to sci-hub): hahahahaha heheheheheh huehuehue hmhmhmhmhm höhöhöhöh håhåhåhå jajaja xoxoxoxo

ever have someone say "wait how is this band sketchy" and then you go onto the metal archives under "other projects" for the vocalist it says something like "gestapo 666"

homophobia, artist harassment, just like... a lot of things really; audio 

whats up, homophile communists. consider any petitions lately?

homophobia, artist harassment, just like... a lot of things really 

systemic racism, COVID, --- 

those posts that are like "remember how obama's biggest scandal was his tan suit?" are a real self own on both the media class and americans in general cause wow there's some stuff that should have caused a scandal but didn't

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