#hotGirlSummer selfies, eye contact, it's 35°C today 

there's 2 kinds of girls, the ones who go like "omg it's 35°C today", and the ones who go like "omg it's 35°C today"

#hotGirlSummer selfies, eye contact, it's 35°C yesterday 

some more takes from the hot day I already miss it. possum enby out with me in the sun 🌞

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The CSD in Ausgburg starts tomorrow at 11AM. I am so excited to join!

I've never been to a CSD so far. :thonking:


tfw you accidentally take your estrogen twice and your shorts can’t handle the thicc

selfie boosts ok 

good morning fedi i am gonna go to sleep

begpost, please boost 

Hey everyone,

I hate doing this and this is my first time, but I could really use the help.

I've been out of work as an EMT for a little while because I was discriminated against for being trans and fired at my last job, and I'm waiting on an answer from unemployment.

I'm behind on bills, and to top it off, I'm trying to help my friend who is homeless and escaping a difficult situation come here and restart their life.

Anything helps, thank you so much 💜

Venmo: $rynyday
Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/salad_breath
Feel free to DM me if you need my PayPal or some other method.

nsfw, nudes, :boost_ok:, free use kink 

hello mastodon please enjoy these pictures of my Body :boosts_ok_gay: ; featuring the public property that is my Butt :trans_comm: and Clit :BlobhajHoldSassage: ; i took them just for you :BlobhajTransPrideHeart:

Bye bye gender envy! 

I simply cannot believe it.

I didn't get dysphoric seeing lewd content of other women. It didn't matter whether they looked incredibly feminine, fit or hot.

It didn't hit me as usual. It has taken me years to finally reach this point and it makes me feel happy. :blobmiou:

Good morning creatures! 🌼

I wish you a good, sunny Friday and a comfy start in the weekend! :heart_trans:

:retootPlz:​ cw artful nude no genitals 

I think this might be the prettiest nude that has been taken of me

I put up even more on my onlyfans, so go take a look!


Mature picture, boosts are welcome! 

I'm hungry for cuties. Great thing that I'm actually into biting. Might have to find myself a cuddle partner to play with. :blobnom_trans:

Maybe it's time for me to spice things up?

Can anyone recommend some cool queer shops/cafés/meeting places in , and/or ?

I'll be travelling around by myself in Southern and it'd be nice to find a few safe places to mainly eat, chill or chat.

NSFW: creeps. 

I went out tonight, it was a pretty well known queer party and I am genuinely upset about the outcome.

Plenty of weird dudes that tried touching you with their hands or certain bodyparts without consent.

All the people I knew left without saying a word. While I was outside getting fresh air a cab driver told me that I am just a slut waiting to be f*cked.

In the end a very kind girl drove me home with her friend because she wanted me to be safe.

What a shitshow.

NSFW: Lude picture, maturity, s*xual. 

This is the first time I celebrate pride month as a trans woman. It's so freeing and uplifting. So I though about sharing a picture of body that makes me feel like my body does finally look like I always wanted it to look like. ❤️

Introduction, NSFW. 🖤 

Hello everyone!

My name is Mewrley (she/her) and I'm a 23 year old transgender woman from Germany.

I am currently exploring my sexuality, kinks and my gender expression. I will be posting lewd content for the most part and sharing my thoughts regarding transition.

Apart from university I do queer activism and involve myself in organizations to create safe spaces and events.

Really excited to make new friends in this beautiful community! 🖤


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