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Trump team to appeal rejection of PA case 

campaign files an appeal of the rejection of its motion to halt certification of election results, which the lower court judge found to be meritless and without evidence. Running out the clock, I suspect, they can't expect to win

man, now aged 94, who served as a guard at a concentration camp, but lived undetected in the US 60 years will be deported to for trial

president ends the ban on workers travelling to take jobs overseas (although limiting the number to 5000). In my experience, Philippines nurses are critical to patient care in the US.

Price gouging in health care 

Studies by multiple organizations find that hospitals charge patients as much as 1800% (i.e. 18 times as much) as the actual cost. Nurses union says this points to the need for single payer health care

Trump, Sidney Powell, QAnon 

The campaign has thrown QAnon obsessed attorney Sidney Powell under the bus, which some (@joshtpm [Josh Marshall] for one attribute to the fear that she would adversely impact the Jan 5 run off in Georgia

US couple fined $35k by a US Federal Court in for downloading movies from torrent site YTS (

Apparently doting comedy legend causes significant backlash for his tweets in support of her who is not to be named

SCOTUS & vote suppression 

Massive rollback in voting rights feared as a result of the ' 'breathtakingly radical' new approach to election law.

Pennsylvania: Trump looses again 

loses again: Federal Judge dismisses a suit seeking to invalidate millions of mail-in votes. I've lost count of the number of cases tossed out

Nevada judge denies bid to halt vote certification 

District Judge in denies a request by a right wing group to halt the state from certifying the election result. The Judge pointed out such a measure would disenfranchise 1 million voters

's Central Bank (Bank of Thailand) is implementing measures to curtail the surging value of the , which is having serious negative impacts on its economy (especially the export sector).

Drastic cuts to Medicare proposed 

Proposed drastic cuts to payments in the midst of a pandemic would reduce them to the rate they were 30 years ago.

Viral video of GA Trump supporters threatening to boycott run off 

A group of republicans in a video that has gone viral, threaten to 'destroy the party and boycott the January 5 run off, if is not declared winner of the state. Roflmao.

Thai cops to charge at least 30 democracy protesters 

police announce they intend to charge at least 30 pro-democracy demonstrators on a variety of charges. It is not yet clear whether they will be charged with Lèse-majesté.

Appeals court voids ban on conversion therapy in S. Florida 

US Appeals Court voids the ban against the discredited practice of conversion therapy in South counties. 2 therapists claimed their precious 'free speech rights' were being violated by the policies.

EU ambassadors told a Brexit deal is close to being finalized 

officials, including EC Commissioner Van der Leyen say that a deal is close to being finalized, although they warn an 'accidental no-deal' remains possible.

Reports on Putin's health and potential exit 

Political analyst Valery Solovei says that is battling both cancer and parkinson's disease, and will announce his retirement early in 2021. These claims are, as one would expect, denied by the Kremlin.

WNBA working to defeat Loeffler 

The (the women's Basketball League) is committed to defeating Sen Kelly Loeffler in the Jan 5 run off election in Georgia. The defeat of Loeffler and Perdue in the run off would put the US Senate in a 50/50 split, and is a consummation devoutly to be wished.

GA run off; Loeffler possibly in legal hot water 

(appointed) Sen Kelly Loeffler, who describes herself as 'to the right of Genghis Khan, and will face Raphael Warner in the Jan 5 run off election, seems to have some ethics rules and criminal charge problems over her financial disclosure

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