Let us pee 

Is this really what they expect us to do, I ask because in the US & UK appear to favor this

US Workers, General Strike 

American workers who have retained the ability to think are afraid to return to work during the pandemic. Salon Magazine asks if a general strike is in the offing (my son in Florida is a bartender, and refused. He has 3 minor children) salon.com/2020/05/25/workers-a

My earliest preserved photo: (no, I don't recognize me either)

photo a bit risque 

I'm convinced Men's bathrooms are more dangerous to woman than are transwomen in women's bathrooms. Is this what the expect us to do, when we need to pee?

trans goddesses 

No, it's not real, but no reason it couldn't be

group selfie 

Me, my girlfriend, and a friend making up 1/2 of a trans hexagon, or hang of 6, at Christmas eve festivities in Bangkok

A selfie not entirely bad for an old trans woman, I hope

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