Trans prisoner Ashley Diamond sues Georgia for sexual assaults 

inmate Ashley Diamond, incarcerated in a men's prison, suing Bureau of Prison for sexual assaults by prisoners and staff, and a denial of necessary health care

Thai cops to charge protesters with lese majeste 

police announce they will charge at least 7 protesters with lese majeste (insult to the monarchy), a charge carrying a 15 year prison sentence.

SCOTUS, denial of parental rights of same sex parents 

Atty General asks to permit the state to strip same-sex couples of their parenting rights, that is that states may refuse to recognize those persons as parents of their own children.

I'm so old I can remember when the phrase 'moderate ' was not an oxymoron

Covid & 'behavioral change" for all Americans 

White House Task Force warns that many, perhaps most, Americans are falling short of mitigation measures, and a "significant behavior change of all Americans" is necessary. I'm looking at you, gov DeSantis

Scotland makes menstual products free for all persons 

is the first country in the world to make menstrual products (tampons, pads) free 'for everyone who needs them'. The quoted phrase would seemingly include FtM trans Scots

Fox commentators distancing from Trump 

Prominent right-wing media personalities and trumpistas (here, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson) are beginning to distance themselves from Trump. Waiting for cowards in the Senate to follow suit

Speculations on the Biden cabinet 

President-elect is giving some hints of his thinking on his cabinet picks 'as Trump firewall crumbles'. Centrists, of course, but more women and minorities than any admin in history, if we are to believe reports

Social Security Cost of aryLiving Adjustment as of 1 January 

On January 1, the US Government intends to grant to pensioners and social security recipients a Cost of Living Allowance (adjustment for inflation) of a wee 1.3%. The rise in cost of living for seniors, with medical expenses, insurance, etc is rather more than that. It would be hoped that the Biden admin would decide to use the CPI-E (Consumer price index for elders) in making such COLA calculations, replacing the current CPI-W.

Bank of England ('s Central Bank) governor says that a no-deal would cost more than raging infections, and that its negative effect on the economy would last longer

Barnier: fundamental differences persist in trade talks 

Related: polling indicates a majority of Scots would favour becoming 'a nation once again' (to use the title of an old Irish tune)

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Barnier: fundamental differences persist in trade talks 

chief negotiator says 'fundamental differences' persist in trade talks with the , as the clock winds down

Amazon hires spies from Pinkerton to help with union busting 

Motherboard reports that has hired spies from the rather infamous agency to assist in its activities. CEO Bezos' net worth is $200 billion

US sends $18 million in weapons to the Philippines 

By the way, there is no money in the Philippines budget for vaccine distribution

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US sends $18 million in weapons to the Philippines 

US National Security Adviser O'Brien announces delivery of $18 million in munitions to the , one assumes to be used against the restive South. President has been ambivalent in his attitude to the US

Michigan certifies Biden victory 

Board of Canvasser's certifies 's victory in that state's presidential election, in spite of all the campaign's efforts to monkey-wrench the certification.. The article's report of a 3-0-1 result is confusing, given there are 4 members.

I don't think about wearing so-called 'age appropriate' clothing in public. I don't own any such.

Trump attempt to invalidate Philadelphia ballots rejected by PA Supreme Court 

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has rejected the campaign's efforts to invalidate mail-in ballots of voters from

Biden selects Yellen for Treasury 

President-elect is reported to have selected former US Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen to be Treasury Secretary. She is unlikely to have any trouble being confirmed, even if the retains a majority in the Senate after the run-off

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