Lula's lead widens for Oct 2 presidential election 

: Leftist Lula's lead over the possibly deranged & certainly incumbent Bolsonaro widens; presidential election Oct 2

US Judge denounces GOP leaders who fear Trump 

US Federal Judge denounces leaders who will not contradict 's allegation of a stolen election as cowards desperate to cling to power

OH Senate: neck & neck 

endorsed political opportunist JD Vance and Congressman Tim Ryan in a neck and neck race for the Ohio Senate seat. Several polls show Ryan ahead, but within margin of error

Baht falls briefly to 38 to the USD, (1st time in 16 years), recovers slightly, now at 37.73. The Central Bank is raising rates 25 basis points to try to stabilize the THB.

Women, liberals, minorities arming themselves 

New gun owners in the US include women, liberals and ethnic and gender minorities, sensing themselves to be targets, and preparing to defend themselves

Hurricane Ian makes landfall in SW FL 

Ian has made landfall in SW (Fort Myers, then Tampa and Orlando would appear most at risk). The category 4 storm brings torrential rain, heavy winds and storm surge. Governor DeSantis will be asking for significant assistance from the Federal Gov't he hates

5:30 am and still raining hard in Bangkok and elsewhere in (rainy, or monsoon season). No walking exercise today, it would appear

Thai central bank to raise interest rate by 25 basis points 

THB was trading at 37.96 to the dollar as of this morning. Somewhere around 35 or 36 would be more like normal

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Thai central bank to raise interest rate by 25 basis points 

Bank of will raise the interest rate by 25 basis points today, in hopes of uplifting the Thai Baht (THB), currently in the abyss

Holocaust documentary & US culpability 

Ken Burns' new documentary on the tears aside the curtain obscuring US culpability. US White supremacists and antisemites will issue attack ads, no doubt

Philippines negotiating to buy Russian fuel 

pres BongBong is negotiating with to buy fuel and other products, apparently ignoring the fact that such purchases will provide funds for Russia's war on

Covid rising in UK, US next? 

There is a rising tide of infections in the (as tho' PM were not enough suffering), and it's projected the US will follow in about 30 days

Trump endorsed Mastriano just about done 

endorsed and supported fascist lags behind democrat Josh Shapiro 55-45% in polling for governor's race. Shapiro reported collecting $25 million in contributions June-August

Thai politics, PM preference 

Youngest daughter of exiled former PM Thaksin Shinawatra leads opinion polling as favorite for PM. Potential voters indicated they preferred the 2 main opposition parties over the others

Corporate Greed, price controls 

Former Secretary Robert Reich: "Corporate greed, not wages is behind . The culprit is profit-price inflation, where corporations raise their prices beyond the inflationary increase in inputs. Time for price controls

Jan 6 committee & Ginni Thomas 

Ginni Thomas, wife of the SCOTUS justice is under the Jan 6 committee's microscope for attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 election for president

UK Pound has crashed, more financial agony to come 

The crash in the GBP (UK Pound), brought about by slashing taxes and borrowing 10s of Billions will cause even worse inflation. The value of the Pound has fallen to its lowest level v the USD ever, losing 21% of its value this year

Snowden now a Russian citizen 

president has granted whistleblower Edward Russian citizenship according to an official decree published on the government's portal

women's volleyball news 

Women's : defeats in 5 set match, first 5 setter in FIVB championship series. Thailand outside hitter Chatchu-On led scoring with 33 points.

Truss still seeking that elusive solution for the N. Ireland protocol 

still looking for negotiated solution with the on the Northern protocol, according to PM . No new proposals have been offered, so far as I am aware, words are wind

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