California will lift most Covid related restrictions 6/15 

will suspend mask mandate for fully vaccinated persons (with certain exceptions), as well as distancing and business capacity requirements June 15

Reality Winner released 

Former contractor Reality Winner, sentenced to 63 months imprisonment for leaking data on hacking, has been released (she is still in custody under the 'Residential Reentry process)

EU has not trust in UK PM Johnson 

makes clear that it can not trust PM to respect the Irish Protocol, which he himself signed, and considers the is a threat to the Good Friday Agreement

NI: intransigence over Irish Language Act threatens collapse of Stormont gov't 

A failure to pass the Irish Language Act, which would provide N with 2 official languages, and promised in 2020, will bring down another collapse of the NI gov't, as Sinn Fein will not nominate a successor to O'Neill, in which case the government falls in 7 days


suspends the cancellation of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA), on which US treaty obligation to defend the country in the event of war, for another 6 months. It would appear cancellation is desired by President whose attitude towards China is somewhat perplexing.

FBI warns Congress of risk of increasing QAnon violence 

warns US legislators that 'digital warriors' may become more violent, and go lone wolf against those the conspiracy theory has designated as the enemy.

UK Covid Delta variant spread 

Delta variant spreading at 7% per week in the , causes 1 month delay in planned lifting of restrictions. AstraZeneca and Pfizer vaccines are over 90% effective after 2 injections (92 and 96% respectively) but 17% less after only a single injection

UK may delay 'reopening' to 19 July 

PM Johnson expresses grave concern over spreading Delta Covid variant, and hints are dropped that reopening the economy may be pushed back to 19 July

petition to rename "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria" to "Inattentive Transphobic Parent Disorder"

Pardons for Cataland leaders, protests 

1000s in protest against a pardon for 12 leaders involved in the independence movement. Deputy PM Calvo indicated pardons were close in an interview. 63% are said to oppose the pardons

UK / EU food standards negotiations 

Republic of FM Coveney urges / to find a 'middle ground' on food standards that would reduce checks on food products between the two by

G-7 to donate 1 b Covid dosages 

Leaders of G-7 nations promise to distribute 1 billion vaccine doses to low income nations, either directly, or through Covax (WHO).

Judge upholds requirement of vaccination for Houston hospita staff 

Judge rules against employees of Houston Methodist Hospital who wanted to be exempted from a requirement to be vaccinated. A plaintiff obscenely compared being required to do so to the Holocaust

Netanyahu is not Israel's PM 

: after 12 years is finally out, replaced as PM by Naftali Bennett. The ruling coalition has 8 parties, left, right and center, so Bennett will have a balancing act on his hands

Federal Judge blocks loan forgiveness for farmers of color 

program for loan forgiveness for farmers of color has been placed on hold by a Federal Judge, pending a lawsuit by White farmers who were excluded from

Anniversary of the SCOTUS Loving case 

54 years ago today, the ruled laws banning marriage between persons of different races unconstitutional (Loving v. Virginia)

MTG an evolution denier 

says she does not believe "the so-called science of evolution", but believes the Book of Genesis, which portrays the creation of woman as a divine afterthought

Covid Delta in UK may delay reopening 

experiencing rising cases, mostly the Delta variant of the infection, and the scheduled 'reopening' of the country on 21 June is in doubt and may be delayed

FED ponders creation of fully virtual US dollar 

US Federal Reserve is considering creation of an official fully digital dollar, a move supported by some in each party, but strongly opposed by banks, as it would give the unbanked access to the US financial system

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