Bojo: new Covid19 restrictions to last 6 months (or more) 

PM Johnson says new restrictions will last 6 months. How closing down pubs at 10 pm, rather than shutting them down altogether seems likely to be be significantly effective

Judge Barrett and the Handmaid's Tale 

Likely nominee Amy Coney Barrett is a member of 'People of Praise', a self described 'charismatic Christian Community', to the totalitarian, male-dominated society of Margaret Atwood’s novel “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

#UK Gender Recognition Act is dead 

Gender Recognition Act, which would have allowed persons to self-identify without administrative burdens, has after 3 years ground to a halt

Mike Bloomberg gives 20 million to pay off the fines of felons who have served their sentences but owe fines, so that they will be eligible to vote

Westerners like to think themselves as center of the world. For good or for bad. So opposing a single sect of fascists (whose symphatisers likely include conservative parents of western leftists) gets unduly prioritised in the discourse. But what we need is a global common ground, not the ego of western leftists.

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is pissed off at for their failure (or refusal) to take up his unfounded accusations of and Hunter Biden.

Dems pushing for 2nd stimulus checks 

US House of Representatives push for a 2nd round of $1200 Covid stimulus checks. They must know chances are between slim and none, so this may be electoral theatre

My prediction for post election period, regardless of who is elected president: blood on the streets

Republicans apparently have SCOTUS confirmation locked up 

Sen commits to voting for confirmation of 's nominee before the election (or in lame duck), without yet knowing who that nominee is. had been considering appointing Romney Secretary of State, for those not understanding how far right Biden is.

Louisville state of emergency, Breonna Taylor 

A state of emergency has been declared in , KY (where I once lived, and where my mother was born), in anticipation of the decision of the Grand Jury in the killing of Breonna Taylor. Perhaps the city fears becoming another 'anarchist jurisdiction'.

More US Covid deaths than in 5 wars 

More (200000) have died from in the US than died on the battlefield in 5 US wars (the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, the War in Afghanistan and the Persian Gulf War). I accuse the US republican party of criminal neglect

I miss living in Portland, OR, but even after Covid is under control, I doubt I could afford to live there on my fixed retirement income of $3000.

The appointment of Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the fills me with dread. The hope that some republicans would refuse to vote for confirmation is now dead.

My lover, who is critical to my life here in Thailand (as I can't speak or understand Thai) is to have a coronary bypass operation in late October or Early November. The cost is 420000 THB. A peculiarity of health insurance here is that you must pay cash (I have no credit card) and wait for the insurance to reimburse. I am currently 120000 THB ($3800) short, but hope to find a loan somewhere until the insurance pays off

'Anarchist jurisdictions' 

US Department of declares , () and Seattle ' jurisdictions'. Those who have bothered to study will recognize the absurdity of the phrase 'anarchist jurisdiction'

Women and Obamacare 

The central importance of women in enacting, implementing and defending the ACA (popularly ca )

Medicare, emergency use vaccine 

US (the health system for persons over 64) will not presently cover the costs of vaccines approved under emergency use authorization

Link between mental health & the immune system 

A report in the Journal Nature Immunology reveals a clear link between and the immune system, further exposing persons to risk of infection

To recap: The sent me a letter saying that my stimulus check was sent 8 May. I sent the required IRS form 3911 to report it lost (along with a letter restating my Direct Deposit account) 6 weeks ago. Nothing. I further require a statement of Social Security payments for my Thai retirement visa renewal due 2 December, but I'm required to send inquiries to the the SSA section of the US Embassy in Manila, where no one is apparently working. I am annoyed is an understatement

UK Covid Crisis, Bojo's attention span 

The Guardian's editorial board says that crisis in the , where Covid deaths are approaching 200 per day, is PM Johnson's fault

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