It speaks volumes, does it not that feels that his son in law , whose only significant experience is as a slumlord, is eminently qualified to take on the world's most intractable crises?

trans ph - 

Danica Rohm rises to defend trans student 

The persistent steriotypic stigmata in Appalachia 

Thailand imposes stringent national curfew 

Imperiled AZ Senator McSally walls for WHO director to quit 

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Imperiled AZ Senator McSally walls for WHO director to quit 

Started treatment w/ Clonazepan last night, and this morning I can't type without substantial errors

Kusher in charge of admin's coronavirus response, we're doomed 

Whe they call on us to return to wouk 

Because they don't beleive you can handle the truth 

"For such is the rash boldness of the uninitiated, that they will frequently set up some monstrous abstract principle, such as humanity, or tenderness, or the like idle folly, in obstinate defiance of all precedent and usage; and will even venture to maintain the same against the persons who have made the precedents and established the usage, and who must therefore be the best and most impartial judges of the subject." Charles Dickens, Martin Chuzzlewit

US claims spike to 6 million last week, bringing the 2 week total to the verge of 10 million

Catholic transphobia and the denial of communion 

Coronavirus tests register high level of false positives 

US confirmed Covid-19 cases doubles to 200k 

PA's Sec'y of Health is a trans woman & gains praise 

DC area and fears of a major outbreak, crippling coronavirus response 

US Strategic stockpile of PPE depleted 

WHO on whether to wear a face mask 

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