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"In a rare moment of legal good fortune, the Court of Appeal today ruled that Gypsies, Roma and Travellers have an “enshrined freedom” to move from one place to another, and that an injunction to prevent camping on public land would breach the rights of the communities it targeted."

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We shouldn't obsess over political and litterary radicals of yester century.

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UNHRC affirms rights of climate refugees 

Malaysia: we're not White folx garbage dump 

If you are in S. Florida, you may want to don a hard hat, as the National Weather Service is warning of falling frozen iguanas

Because I'm not especially hip, internet acronyms often confuse me and I have to go look them up (I am rather antique). Be that as it may, I instantly knew what t4t means, and that's my thing

UKpol, Labour Party leadership, Jess Philipps out 

Lebanon has a gov't again, after 4 mos without one 

Thailand's opposition FFP not guilty of sedition charge 

Hillary, STFU, projection & a chance for a classical allusion 

AOC on the nature of the democratic party 

Philippines broken justice system, Sen deLima 

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fucked up that getting a legal name change in america makes any crime you commit and get tried for carry a much higher sentence regardless of how much time passed between the two things

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What I look for in a partner isn't someone who could "get it". It's someone who could get *me*.

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In one of Patrick O'Brien's Aubrey‐Marurn novels, the midshipmen's berth amuse themselves by repeatedly singing:

The admiral is good to us,
He dips his cock in phosphorus
And safely guides the way for us
In stormy weather

until collapsing in a paroxism of laughter

Spent 2 hours scouting the ladies fashion retailers at Central Plaza, Bangkok Metro. Only H & M could offer anything to fit my apparently freakish body, by Asia standards. Phillipines Volleyballer Kat Tolentino is 2 inches taller than me and always looks smashing, if you'll excuse the pun

Irish nationalism 

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January 20 2017: Alt-right leader and fascist Richard Spencer gets punched in the face at Trump’s inauguration in Washington DC. Happy Anniversary!

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