Valentina Sampaio, already known for being Victoria's Secret's first out model, will appear in the upcoming Sports Illustrated annual swimsuit issue. Only a very small mention of her being transgender appears in the issue

CO gov: anti-maskers 'selfish bastards' 

governor calls anti-maskers 'selfish bastards' and extends anti- orders for 30 days

GA, TN abortion bans blocked 

US Federal Judge permanently blocks 's ban. ruling it unconstitutional; Another Judge issued a temporary injunction until July 27 against 's similar law. Appeals are expected

Sales of Mary Trump's exposé to go forward 

A Federal Judge has lifted the injunction against the publication of niece Mary's book on the family, and sales of the book can now proceed. He ruled the nondisclosure agreement she signed 20 years ago invalid.

Pompeo's 'religious freedom' and autocracy 

The world's authoritarians are quite thrilled by US Secretary of State's peculiar notion of 'religious freedom': "the Global Holy War Against Liberal Democracy"

Men whining about lost privilege 

In a new survey, 28% of US men say that progress towards gender equality has come at their expense. Losing centuries-long privilege is no doubt inconvenient, but the whining is annoying. 57% of the general population says equality has long way to go

Brexit: UK businesses quite unprepared 

gov't warns businesses that they are quite unprepared for the customs declarations, tariffs, and other requirements that will bring to trading with the in a 200 page document

US pol, gop in panic over prospect of losing the Senate 

The Party of the US is in fear on an approaching train wreck that will cost them the majority in the US , as Democrats far exceed them in on-line fundraising.

DeVos brushes off coronavirus concerns 

US Secretary , in a television interview, insisted that all US school must open in the fall, and brushed off concerns

UK pol, threat to devolution 

: PM Boris Johnson is accused of a plan to 'emasculate' of the devolution agreement, as part of , outraging and (term 'emasculate' would be well purged from the English language)

As a native Marylander, the prospect of a presidential run by current gov Larry Hogan in 2024, unlikely as it would be to be successful, horrifies me

I have joined the Australasian branch of the Industrial Workers of the World (), making me the 2nd member of the One Big Union in Thailand, I am advised by the Secretary. Both of us in Thailand are women, as is the Secretary.

Strike for Black Lives Matter July 20 

A coalition of activists and US unions are calling for a national strike to force corporations to raise wages and permit unionization. 25 cities on July

Britain: Covid and mask defiance 

(I suppose that means the exclusive of Scotland), is 'the worst hit' by Covid19, with the exception of the US and Brazil, but a distressing percentage of citizens continue to refuse to wear masks

US Surgeon general imcomprehensible 

US Surgeon General says that "if everybody does their part" and observes hygiene measures, "the U.S. can reverse course and control the latest outbreaks of the in just a few weeks" I think he has a screw loose.

Asians are in the habit of wearing masks during infections, I suppose because they are not subject to the Anglo-American defect of individualism

Covid stats for Thailand 

, population 70 million, has 3217 active cases, 3 day new cases of 7, 70 currently infected, 58 deaths, according to July

Trumpista attempting to discredit Fauci 

The White House and their co-conspirators are trying to discredit Dr. Fauci, the country's foremost immunologist and Covid rages across the nation

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