Please give recommendations for trans gaming youtubers/streamers that I can put on in the background or watch when my brain doesn't wamna do anything. It can be you if you want this as an opportunity to plug yourself I don't mind algorithms just make it kinda hard to find gaming content that isn't a cishet white dude.

I didn't think I'd get this many replies! Thanks everyone <3 So many recommendations this is great!

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@lindenbow I can recommend you she streams various games like twice a week and I really enjoy her streams

Streamers : @meawchill, @Anzeliane,,

@book @lindenbow I stream mostly kerbal space program and chill minecraft games and it's in French but I can always say hi and chat a bit in english on stream :3

@lindenbow I stream "many" games (likes CS:GO, Dota 2, Fall Guys, Minecraft, ...), I speak in french but if you want to talk during a stream I can speak in english

@thufie @lindenbow Adding ( @v ) and ( @Ivafakename ) and (not on Fedi, but hella cool)

If you want to find that sort of stuff easily go to Twitch, find a game category you like, and search "LGBTQIA+" in the "tags" section.

It's not perfect, but it's a decent place to start sometimes.

@MxCraven @thufie @lindenbow @v I once tried to turn #TransGaming and #TransGamer into some tags where people could promote this exact thing but it didn't take off, there are a few in those tags tho I think

@MxCraven @lindenbow some of them should be replies to people suggesting some streamers and tubers and stuff

@lindenbow here's a few: @/, @/, @/ (nb, unsure if they consider themself trans?), @/ (also nb, also unsure if they consider themself trans)

caaaan't think of any others off the tops of my heads. I want to get back into streaming sometime though (i am also nb and unsure if i consider myself trans)

@lindenbow (oh right i can delete and redraft to remove the ping)

@lindenbow We know a some trans streamers!

- is a trans dude we know who streams a lot of Sims 2 and occasional other games

- is an agender person who's currently playing through the original Metroid Prime after finishing Pikmin 1 and Mario Sunshine; they also sometimes do collage streams

- is a bit of a variety streamer; xey did a couple Minecraft streams recently, but they've streamed fighting games and various indie things in the past

- is one we haven't watched in a little bit but they've been streaming some various things lately

We also used to stream ourselves but we haven't in a while; is our channel, though.

- Packdragon 🐲

@lindenbow hey hey, we are agender, asexual, and plural, and we run a twitch stream with a fairly chill atmosphere and a small regular audience of all queer furries on

Recent games include Moss, Eternal Darkness, Castlevania 64, and Spelunky 2

i like mayro on youtube, she mostly does mario games but she's fun

@lindenbow OH, Jesse Gender does the occasional game stream if I remember correctly. @Aradia has youtube and twitch channels.

Oh and also

@lindenbow (non-binary OK? I think I know of a few others that would expand it to)

@lindenbow I like Kaiju's Digital Diversity LPs They're a NB person who focuses on small indie games by LGBT devs

@lindenbow i stream a bit infrequently, due to life/work or technical problems, though i'm working on getting a consistent schedule. my stuff is mostly obscure retro games. i also post the full stream archives on youtube.


Rogues Wonderland ( @Miss_Rodent) has a soothing voice and plays cool roguelikes. Her YouTube channel hasn't updated in a long time tho.

RacyRebel ( @RC) is fun and charismatic and plays Sonic, Breath Of The Wild, Genshin Impact, and other games.

@lindenbow korviday and nyx fears do gaming streams sometimes, i like their stuff a lot

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