clothes sizing issues 

ordered a cowprint bikini top from Shein and surprise—it was too big! normally shoulder stuff is too small for the reference measure.

tried to return it but they just gave me a refund, no return needed.

so now I need to grow a good extra amount of boob to be worthy of my cow top 😌 (that, or just sew the back a little bit…)

clothes sizing issues, suggestive clothing, eye contact 

almost all cow tops I found are way too small and when I find one that could fit, it’s too big! a girl gotta do something about it…

clothes sizing issues, diy, photo 

not the neatest backstitch in the world for sure! but it is a stitch!

clothes sizing issues, diy, suggestive clothing 

and it is… still kinda big?? a proper resizing will need another cinch on the straps, I’m afraid.

but at this point it’s already actually usable! and it leaves some space for growth :3


clothes sizing issues, diy, suggestive clothing 

@elilla Omg now I want a cow outfit >w< It looks good on you :3

reclaiming misoginistic language, kink, lewd-adjacent talk 

@lindenbow thank you my sweetie 😊

some time ago a well-intentioned but way over the line old acquaintance said that my breast growth would earn me the title of "horusutain" (Holstein) in old Japan—‘milkcow’. this is doubly crass to say to a Brazilian cause for us ‘cow’ is slang for ‘slut’.

but you know how things work for me—once the equation cow = boobs = slutty was brought to mind, I just had to find myself a top 🐮 :sparkles_trans:

reclaiming misoginistic language, kink, lewd-adjacent talk 

@elilla Heehee x3 I find the idea for myself fun because I'm so small idk why? But I'm glad you could take that and spin it positively <3 You're super awesome.

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