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Something I wish was true 

I'm going to sleep now and I'm anxious so all my crushes are required to get payed leave from work to cuddle me and say nice things (assuming they are comfortable doing so)

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the world would be a better place if it actually worked the way all these centrist twitterati think it does and we actually could get people fired and deplatformed for being racist, transphobic, or sexually abusive

sonic idw 

I love how everyone is struggling to beat the enemy then Whisper does it with one shot. It's cause she lesbian.

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sonic idw 

Why does this comic keep making me cry q.q

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historical figure: I FUCK DUDES

heterosexual historian: what could this mean. i guess we'll never know for sure,

Thinking I might start putting my pronouns in my display name since, ya know, they change a lot.


Size difference is one of my biggest things. If your taller and bigger than me and especially if you are stronger than me (not a challenge) my heart goes bathump. Unless you're a cis dude big buff cis dudes are scary.

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free speech letter thing lol 

"we need to preserve the possibility of good-faith disagreement without dire professional consequences" wish i could be openly trans without dire professional consequences but go off i guess

It makes me super happy when other people randomly swap between my names.

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Nude, boosts good 

"have you heard the good news" voice: have you looked at my butt?


Thanks you my friend I was able to get past my social anxiety and get my estrogen so there's on less stressor and also improvement to my life. Now figuring out how I'm going to call my doctor for my month overdue check-up will be another thing

I always forget that going outside masto means I'll see non-cw'ed eye contact pictures and then get freaked out xD

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Can we please please please stop calling the opposition "crazy" or "psychopathic" etc

I'm so tired of it >.<

Rude of games to not allow me to put in more than one name. Don't they know I have at least 4 names?

Okay tbh I'm not as into Rune Factory now cause I don't like killing things but if I end up with a switch I'll def play it. Me a couple years ago would have been so ecstatic tho xD

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Wait wait wait Rune Factory 5 is in development? How'd I not know this? Am I gonna need to buy a switch for real now?

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