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Gendered nouns 

Kitten, princess, stuff like that (you can ask me about one in specific if you want) are pretty much always safe. Girl/woman/etc doesn't always feel good. If I am using she/her pronouns it's probably safe to use and if it isn't I'll kindly letcha know. If I'm not using she/her assume those will be no-nos. Fae is always good since alongside being something that defines my gender it is also just, a thing that I am. So it's good.

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Mmk so I think I have a hold on this. She/her and fae/faer are always good and I won't be angry at you for using them but I do tend to in certain moments have a preference. She/her is like, feeling a gender more so? Whether that is girl, demi-girl, et cetera. Fae/faer is kinda non-gender specific in a way that has substance? It/it's is for when I'm feeling no gender without substance/am not certain about current gender. I always lean towards feeling feminine though, even if no gender?

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So there's this thing I've seen several times on tumblr that I really like and will likely be using and that is using things like /s as a guide for ND folx. So if something like that shows up in a post here are the meanings of ones I'm most likely to use.

/hj=half joking

Might forget sometimes but I know for me personally it'd be really useful and I already tend to put in parentheses sarcasm anyway.

people who make music: you make life worth it thank you 🙇‍♀️

yes I mean you in particular

lingerie, eye contact, erotic selfies, girlcock, boost me :boost_ok: 

love everything about this photo :blobuwu:

how's that for :blobcatgiggle:

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horny for clowns 

when you fuck a cute clown and when they orgasm their little lapel flower thing involuntarily squirts some water out

honk if you agree

stardew valley 

me: "h-hey emily, h-here's an amethyst for you..."

emily: "wow thanks! i really love this" *tosses it into the pile of 17,000 other amethysts that i've given to her*

pol hot take 

liberals stop blaming conspiracy beliefs on mental ability challenge

some supposed leftists stop being friggin libs and look at the material conditions challenge


L: Okay I am relatively certain I have switched in so, how many little sluts would like to kneel down and clean my feet with their pretty mouths, hm?


okay, i guess being drunk is fun now x3 wasn't in the past but now? yeah. it makes me really giggly <3

$ need help with necessity for pet 

I need a CHE non light emitting lamp for my hedgehog so she don’t getting constant light since she’s nocturnal. Constant light confuses her and makes her continue to sleep when she needs to be awake to eat. However, she needs a constant warm temperature, but my room is cold.

I need about $37, it’d be super helpful, I just want her to be ok

CashApp: $GumbyRat

Long time no selfie! Your angry brown enby dyke got a binder yesterday. It fits well enough, like a slightly tighter sports bra. Anyway, if you're Non-Black, give your money to Black people, thx

asking for money help, boosts needed :boost_ok: 


i need about $50 for groceries, $60-ish for medical weed, and $60 for my california health insurance

i'm gonna sign up for washington healthcare soon but i dunno how long it's gonna take so i should probably keep paying my cali insurance til i'm for sure switched over

i've been trying to find a job video editing or something, i can't work anywhere facing the public because i have asthma and if i catch covid i'll die excruciatingly


venmo/cashapp: vantablack420

thank you so much for literally keeping me alive, fediverse!!! :black_sparkles: :blacker_heart:


begging, dehomelessnessing 

after 3½ yrs, me and my dad are finally getting a house! 🎊🎊 but for various reasons our money ran out before we've even moved in lol. we're getting the house no matter what so don't worry about that, but certain amenities would make this move make a lot more sense, like, gas to get free furniture, toilet paper, cookware, food before our food stamps kick in, phone bill, yk. i don't ask lightly but this coming week or two will be very pivotal for us #transcrowdfund 1/2

Share this to make a philosophy nerd cry (says I, a philosophy nerd)


if you used to be a transmed, please don't reveal all the shitty things you used to do & think & say- i don't think anyone wants to hear that. just *actually* do better now, take a step back- listen, learn, grow.


i finally get a partner that actually lives nearby and yet i can't make out with it because it shares my body -_-

begposting, finances 

Hey y’all I’m sorry but my car payment is due tomorrow, I still have insurance, I have to renew my registration next month, and rent is due. My monthly expenses not including food are 800 dollars. We’ve been able to hold off on paying for the power because they can’t turn it off in the winter, but that won’t last. I’ve been going to interviews, taking phone calls and doing cam work most nights, but I can’t make ends meet alone. Please, I need help.

duckduckgo how to not sound like a bitch when I ask people to not call me "smart"

four mirror magic spells for trans people, cw: dysphorias 

The following spells face dysphoria heads-on. They can feel super uncomfortable, and sometimes downright terrifying. Please take care and be sure you can access your support network before trying.

🪞 To flip the gender of the mirror self 🪞

Works best when you have already seen yourself at least once, so you know what it feels like. To be cast when you glance at your reflection and see it as the wrong gender. If you glanced at it by accident, don’t look away. Stop. Look at it. Look at it.

Breath deep, three times.

See the mirrorself as somebody else. Start the spell with a greeting. "Hi, I’m $name, and I’m a $gender_noun" (girl, boy, man, femby etc.) – out loud whenever possible. The boy/enby/etc. in the mirror is another person, telling you that. Do you believe them?

(If you have too much voice dysphoria to speak out aloud, let mirrorself say the following exact words: "This is my voice and it’s a $gender_nouns’ voice, because I’m a $gender_noun".)

Mirrorself is fully confident in their (her, his, faer etc.) gender. They’re showing it to you, like a model at a photoshoot. Don’t look away. Look deep into their eyes. Let them pose. Let them tilt their head, make funny faces, laugh and scowl and get angry. Make angles, gestures, body language symbolic of who you are (girlish, motherly, non-conforming? a kitten, a dilf, monster? pose like one.)

Keep doing this until the gender in the mirror reflects you. Bow or nod or otherwise thank mirrorself for their (his, xir etc.) help.

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