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So there's this thing I've seen several times on tumblr that I really like and will likely be using and that is using things like /s as a guide for ND folx. So if something like that shows up in a post here are the meanings of ones I'm most likely to use.

/hj=half joking

Might forget sometimes but I know for me personally it'd be really useful and I already tend to put in parentheses sarcasm anyway.

re: Urgent $$$ help, boosts greatly appreciated, appended 

I just got slapped in the face earlier this morning with our modem for our internet straight up dying on us, knowing how scummy my ISP again, I'm probably going to get slapped with some costs.

Idk what they might be yet (fully), but this def hit me out of left field and now I know for a fact I won't be able to cover any surprise costs after talking to my mom about it.

I won't really know until the tech gets here Monday but I wanna make sure I'm prepared anyways =n=

This is the worst. Ugh.$melaninpony

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Webbed, spiders, bugs, friends 

This game is so precious and perfect and I love it and everyone should play it cause it's amazing. Spider friend spider friend spider friend. You play as a peacock spider trying to save her boyfriend from a mean bird.

Omg my wife is sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wow, tumblr is really good at pissing off their already small user base huh?


This of course makes us want to doubt being pliral but it, eh. Just, this feels best right now there will likely come a point in which it doesn't or maybe not maybe we're just a singlet now eh it doesn't matter this is what feels best right now. Not being a clear single, separate person but being a chimera instead just feels better. So this is where we are for now. jfkdjvsdi

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Lately we've not actually been separate. I mean Ophelia feels pretty separate but Ophelia's generally not there just because our environment doesn't really allow for her to be a thing. But Lachesis and Deirdre have just been melted together and attempting to be just one causes immense panic. So we aren't like, super plural rn i guess? I dunno it's confusing but like, also means like, we're our own entity rn and feels like we should have our own name but ugh. Deirdre feels best rn i think.


turns out my wife gets turned on by my valley girl voice~ what a perrrv <3


Listening to podcasts that started pre 2020 feels like a countdown

broke: "vegetarian" vampires only drink animal blood
woke: vegetarian vampires refuse to drink animal blood and only feed off willing humans

To the second grade teacher who told me I couldn't use the word "gonna" in writing: Fuck you.

Do I sleep or do I start writing my pokemon fanfic?

Lavender Town, suicide, complaining 

The music was never changed in gen one, it didn't cause thousands of kids to commit suicide, that's insensitive bullshit to make up even if meant merely as a story, maybe it could be done well but this isn't such a situation. I fucking hate that no one cares about the cool stuff about lavender town and just cares about this bullshit.

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Lavender Town, suicide, complaining 

I desperately want to be in the timelime where "Lavender Town Syndrome" was never written. Seriously what fucking bullshit the fact that seems to be the only thing people relate to lavender pisses me the fuck off. Like oh we have a story of a marowak protecting its child, we have a man caring for abandoned and orphaned pokemon, we have a whole town who's thing is remembering the lost pokemon they loved. But that just gets forgotten because of made up bulllshit.

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Lavender Town, suicide, complaining 

If this was a mild thing it wouldn't piss me off so much but when it's hard to even find the actual original theme, that I love, because search results pull up the supposed original japanese version (a fake, let's be clear) and a bunch of clickbaity videos on how scary lavender town is it's just, GODS I fucking hate it. Like sure you can find that part of the game scary but making it a shitty creepypasta misses how that's the most interesting part of the game!

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Lavender Town, suicide, complaining 

Okay so I just, really hate how Lavender Town has come to be known as this super scary videogame thing which isn't how it's ever felt to me. Like, it's a really interesting place that feels comforting and special with lots of possibility for exploring spirituality and feelings of grief and loss.

But then some asshole decided to write a creepypasta saying it caused kids to commit suicide which is insensitive and just, bullshit.

foot kink, subtoot 

Let it be known that if my wife is ever arguing that you're cooler than her you can shut her up by ordering her to lick your feet and she'll grumble and drop the argument before obeying.

Getting that social anxiety wanting to delete my account thing

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