The silly thing having me anxious this time 

That feel when you need to choose between a 10 gig download of an anime or a 30 gig one that looks slightly better.


After wife and I finish playing mhgu ("finish" meaning whenever we're satisfied) we're planning to play mh4u which I'm really excited for. That was the first monhun game I actually got into. Played tri and freedom unite before but for various reasons couldn't get into them and played god eater instead. But 4u had insect glaive and I had a friend to play with. Anyway excited to have my wife really see why gore megala is so fucking cool.

My wife calling me out on the fact all my posts are just boosting hers. Listen, I don't really use social media anymore aside from seeing whatever silly shit she says x3

13 is actually a very lucky number. the lamestream media will not tell you this.

every time they are shown on screen me and my wife scream out loud

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one of them is called SAINT JUST

and the other one is called fucking PRINCE KAORU

i am going to fucking DIE

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it's episode one and TWO SEPERATE BUTCH DYKES have been introduced. two of them!!!

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steam devs: For this update we have added 3 full new characters with artwork from the famous artist of award-winning webcomic blah, complete with stages and theme songs, also we have rebalanced the whole metagame based on six months' overtime analysing statistics of online matches

steam users: Online fight sucks in my cellphone tethering in a crowded starbucks, 0/10 worst game in history developers should be publically executed in the heart of the sun

itch devs: This version is just a demo of the first stage I did for a gay jam in 2017, also the art is a placeholder sorry I'm in a bad place rn but I don't know if I'll ever revisit it but I hope you have fun

itch players: This game is so awesome I love the art, I couldn't play it on my distro it segfaults randomly but I saw my girlfriend stream it, thank you so much dev you're the best

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