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So there's this thing I've seen several times on tumblr that I really like and will likely be using and that is using things like /s as a guide for ND folx. So if something like that shows up in a post here are the meanings of ones I'm most likely to use.

/hj=half joking

Might forget sometimes but I know for me personally it'd be really useful and I already tend to put in parentheses sarcasm anyway.

orgasm denial 

I won koi koi so my wife can't control my orgasms for three whole days >:3 also she's cute <3


Not the best nude I've taken, lighting is poor and framing not super interesting I just felt cute and wanted to share <3 Hope someone likes it~

When I first started using masto it was with the goal of boosting my confidence, and raising my pride, and my love of myself which has fallen off since, around the time when that one big event still happening occurred. Which also was only shortly before I removed my nudes from public view um x3 I wanna start posting public nudes again. I'm trying to be prideful again. It feels good and doesn't have to be toxic. So like, hey, I'm real cute and am an alright person who cares about people <3

Update: I guess most scifi written by women I actually care about aren't public domain cause all of this seems to be just, what you'd expect of scifi of the era. But hey, I can read Mary Shelly! I really need to read more...cause I want to not cause there's some major importance to reading books.

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The site I'm looking at for public domain ebooks is Project Gutenberg, which has a section specifically for science fiction by women and im so excited!

I've been looking through public domain books and found "Children's Rights: A Book of Nursery logic" by Kate Douglas Smith Wiggin which as you may have guessed is about the rights of children, or lack thereof. I've only read the first few pages but it's nice to see people have been talking about the issue of how we treat children all the way back in the 19th century. Sometimes falling into a mindset that fight for progress is only recent is easy but no, people have always seen injustice.

Omg I'm looking through books L. Frank Baum wrote and, he wroter a stamp dealer's directory? Probably shouldn't be surprised I just find it fun that the creator of Oz also wrote a stamp directory. Idk I just like it.


My wife wife insisting she's not adorable for how much she loves scale models and like, no, it's fucking adorable and the fact she constantly has to preempt me by saying it doesn't make her cute when she talks excitedly about scale models just makes me know that secretly? she knows the truth <3

childhood autism, masking 

Thinking about how some autistic traits just, aren't so much a part of me anymore? And how, while sometimes this is positive, it kinda makes me sad? Like when I was a kid and I talked monotone with little facial expression and everyone made fun of me saying I'm a robot. So I learned to mask that. And while facial expression is more exhausting, speaking can now just be a nice thing expressing gender and I don't do monotone anymore? Which is good but also, kinda sad?

Positivity directed at reader 

Hey, I'm really proud of you! I know things haven't always been easy, perhaps sometimes even seemed impossible, but you're here now and that is so amazing! You deserve to feel good about that <3 And I believe in you and your ability to make it even further! Thank you for coming this far. The world is better for it <3

Actraiser, racism 

So, if you're making a game with heavy christian undertones where you're fighting monsters to help humanity (depicted as white) survive, maybe don't make one of the monsters that's supposed to be mindlessly evil a depiction of a tribal person of color. Kind of racist and just shifts the game to really be you pulling a colonialism, something already kinda there but ignorable cause fantasy monsters and demons, but not after this! Fucking gross.

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Actraiser, racism 

So I decided to play the original Actraiser and, was just no one going to mention the clear racism in the game?They didn't make it much better in the remake btw. Like it's somewhat better but, not really! Still p fucking bad! Why did this game even get a remake like this shit is disgusting!

climate change, massive fear 

It's fucking december and we've barely gotten any snow I am genuinely terrified. It's so dry, there are still warm days. I could go out for a walk in a light jacket. This is not okay, this isn't how weather works here. As a kid I often had to wear a winter coat and snow boots on halloween. Now it's warm, in DECEMBER. The world is fucking burning yet somehow people all around me don't see it? Like this is the scariest thing and they just, deny it? Fuck!

eating disorder+ 

Eating potato chips is a lot more enjoyable when you don't shame yourself. Also letting myself eat as much as I want makes binging less likely. Who'd have thought? Not leaving your body under nourished means it doesn't feel a need to indulge as much! Woa! But yeah again dunno how long this will last and of course other people have different routes to recovery and recovery is a constant thing but, I get to feel proud of myself right now. Feels good.

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eating disorder+ 

About a week ago I started just letting myself eat as much as I want without shame, in large part because I was eating "healthy" food so that was my excuse. Now I'm trying to apply that to the junk food i've eaten today. Like whatever I been eating well and eating what you want is just, good, whatever. I'm sure my eating disorder will catch up to me at some point but right now I just feel kind of good just, giving myself permission to do whatever?

kink, cg/l 

I am the biggest fucking brat I'm constantly driving mommy nuts x3

Okay so, I don't really think I can say Shenmue is, uh, good. Figuring out where the fuck to go is hard, events where you need to be in the right place at the right time for isn't great. First game is rather slow. All stuff inevitably leading to me never finishing the first disc. But walking around aimlessly, buying gacha toys, talking to characters with bad voice acting, opening every drawer and picking everything up causeI could, was a very good kind of chill. I'm glad I played it as a kid.

rape kink, alcohol 

yall im drunk and like, kinda wanting to be raped? go ahead and send rape threats or something. or just i dunno id also accept nice cuddles i just really want someone to hurt and rape me tho q.q

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