I ended up hanging around family and their friends I hardly know yesterday (I got free coffee and french fries out of it and made it clear I'd leave whenever I wanted) and watching these neurotyicals try to work out how to get past my blocked off body language to shake my hand/give me a hug was both stressful and hularious.

gaming thoughts, misogyny 

The hidden object genre being so dismissed is obviously due in large part because of the fact it is mainly directed towards women. The games aren't perfect but most of their issues are shared with the point and click adventure genre. Stuff like answers to puzzles being kinda nonsense requiring guesswork and such. But if you enjoy puzzle games, especially point and click, you'll likely enjoy the genre.

anxiety, sarcasm 

Gotta love when you hear a random noise and don't know what it was and you're too scared to look so your brain inserts the most terrifying images it can. Yaaayyy.


Being poly has allowed me to have good partners for the first time in my life. It's taught me so much about relationships and what to expect from them. And this is more so because I got lucky with some great partners than just poly stuff but it has shed more light on what is abusive treatment in relationships and also that my anxiety isn't a border preventing me from having meaningful relationship nor is autism. I am worthy of love and of giving it.

black stripe trans flag 

If you've got a problem with the black stripe trans flag, please unfollow me.

Also maybe think about how

A) from a pure vexillology standpoint, a white stripe and a black stripe both make pretty good statements about non-binaryness.
B) how nobody's saying you can't continue to use the flag with the white stripe.
C) how black non-binary people exist and this isn't a zero-sum game.
D) how it's a bad look to tell black people they're wanting representation wrong.

If you didn't feel a shameful and uncanny kinship to shadow the hedgehog at age 13 are you really trans

Okay yeah when people say yes and consent? Great amazing sexy,,,, but when someone says no and then the other person is chill about it and just stops and doesn't make a whole deal out of it? Incredible too holy shit

Anyone else ever have to squint at a post to see if it's in a language you can understand or not?

A guide to content warning abbreviations 

Some of the abbreviations used for content warnings aren't obvious so I decided to make a guide. Feel free to add if I missed anything!

cw: content warning
mh: mental health
ph: physical health
-: negative
~: neutral
+: positive
?: uncertain
pol: politics
ment: mention
adj: adjacent
pers: personal
ec: eye contact

I try to avoid using emoji in content warnings for the sake of those with screen readers, but whether or not you do is ultimately up to you.

Dragons are lovely and perfect assuredly but I really would like to meet some fellow fae...

girldick opinion, sex 

seriously tho girldick is a goddamn delicacy 🤤🥰

lewd (kinda) 

Hey I'm naked in bed and like, I don't want sex or anything but a cutie should definitely strip naked and cuddle me I'm desperate for physical contact.

Am I the only person that wants a sequel to Excitebike: World Rally? Cause that game was good. Also a new Excitebots would be amazing. Neither of this will likely ever happen but I can wish.

somewhat serious sarcasm?, shit post 

All clowns are nb

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I've had a clown fixation for about a week now. Okay probably just a few days but time is made up anyway. I just real wanna be a harlequin don't judge.

extending full support to all my Muslim friends and comrades this week though

the main thing you should never forget about 9/11 is how hate crimes against Muslims and people from West and South Asia shot up afterwards

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