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Gendered nouns 

Kitten, princess, stuff like that (you can ask me about one in specific if you want) are pretty much always safe. Girl/woman/etc doesn't always feel good. If I am using she/her pronouns it's probably safe to use and if it isn't I'll kindly letcha know. If I'm not using she/her assume those will be no-nos. Fae is always good since alongside being something that defines my gender it is also just, a thing that I am. So it's good.

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Mmk so I think I have a hold on this. She/her and fae/faer are always good and I won't be angry at you for using them but I do tend to in certain moments have a preference. She/her is like, feeling a gender more so? Whether that is girl, demi-girl, et cetera. Fae/faer is kinda non-gender specific in a way that has substance? It/it's is for when I'm feeling no gender without substance/am not certain about current gender. I always lean towards feeling feminine though, even if no gender?

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So there's this thing I've seen several times on tumblr that I really like and will likely be using and that is using things like /s as a guide for ND folx. So if something like that shows up in a post here are the meanings of ones I'm most likely to use.

/hj=half joking

Might forget sometimes but I know for me personally it'd be really useful and I already tend to put in parentheses sarcasm anyway.

I know they've announced a localization of The Great Ace Attorney games, I'm still downloading them with a fan translation onto my 2ds xl...

my headmate and wife are teaming up on me! bullies! meanies!

what if instead of windows vista it was windows vriska

One day I'll have it, a baba yaga hut filled with my wife's parappa merch and my moomin merch.

trying to perform gender but i keep forgetting my lines 😭

screaming at my domme, lies, slander, orgasm control she's a bully! 

it's lies! slander! she photoshopped it! lies! slander! she made me boost it by threatening to take away my right to cum for a year! bully! meany! lies! slander!

wife is ordering me to boost her photoshopped lies!

subtoot, bimbo alert 


bratty catgirl/boy 

me: "pet my tummy pet my tummy!"
you: *pets my tummy*
me: *grabs your hand and bites it*


L: Was trying yesterday to mimic Deirdre and our wife was just like, "Yeah no you can't quite do it. I can tell it's you." I felt so certain that I could perfectly imitate her but apparently not x3 And yet I sometimes think I am making this all up. Tsk tsk.

Remember the mascot dance off episode of Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? So good.

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