The workaround for sexism of "get accepted as a dude but then turn out to not be one" continues to work for me


just came for the first time with just the hitachi and it took 3 days but DAMN


your mermaid gf washed up on the shore

lewd, kink 

fantasizing about being a grass-fed human cow mostly because I wish I could digest cellulose. why are all the human cow fetishes about industrial farming


got a light flogging with a USB cable last night (not the connectors ofc), it was lovely

kink, blood 

🎶🎶oh carrot juice, wanna squeeze you away until you bleeed

voyeurism kink, horny??? 

watching partner & metamour make out like They're Definitely Going to Fuck Again gets me v wet 👀

bun's been practicing her "I'm totally innocent" face

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