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medical transphobia, crowdsourcing art 

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every day i'm not spending time with a cute girl is a day i'm less than maximally gay and that is a tragedy that should be criminal

she's gay

she's a cat

together, she is: catgay

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it's thursday night and it's cold in my bedroom so i guess its time to write poems about being gay or sth

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I will never stop hating english propositions. How can you be at a location, in a location or on location? Shut the fuck off

In the future, everyone will be transsexual for fifteen minute

by reading this toot you agree to be in my band

the gig is on saturday; good luck

wait if clickbait is meant to attract mice why don't we just call it "cheese"

what if brains were made of lego and you could just replace the bits you didn't like with, like, spaceships

i pressed the gay button and now everything is slightly more gay, ur welcome

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Hey Team

I'm in the office again, just wanted to let you all know that I'm hella gay

Feel free to boost if you need to be more gay, I'm sure some of mine will rub off

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