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Pregnancy Kink 

I'm a complicated girl with a weird kink. I want a large, round belly. The kind of belly that people can't stop gawking at. When I'm in public, I want people to rub my belly without asking permission. I want them to ask when I'm due and freely give up their seats on buses to me. I want my clothes to cling tightly to my frame and show every curve. I want my shirts to be unable to cover my belly completely. I want to be uncomfortably large.

I want to be pregnant.

Pregnancy Kink Meta 

So, like, it's not surprise that I have a pregnancy kink. But it does extend past just the purely lewd stuff. I would also love to just be pregnant, with my partner asleep, their arm draped over me and gently grabbing my belly. Like, that would hit the spot so hard for me.

begpost, boosts+ 

Thanks to some unexpected dental stuff over the summer that insurance barely covered, our savings were depleted and we've been squeezing by since then. We didn't do so well this month and we still have groceries and medical stuff we need to pay for. Any boosts and help would be awesome!
Venmo: aderynop
Cash app: AlanaDeryn

Breeding Kink 

I have a very very large desire to be bred right now.


I am also incredibly horny today. I have no idea what's up with me lately.

Bare Chest (Nice) 

Good news my friends! I can get photos on here again! So please, enjoy this humble offering to the gods and goddesses on this fine .

Titty Tuesday 

I still am unable to upload photos on here easily, so you'll just have to imagine what my boobs look like here on this the tittiest of Tuesdays.

Pregnancy Kink, Lewd 

Please get me so swollen with your children that I regret begging you to knock me up.

Instead of increasing the wealth of a business owner, I'm instead wasting company time and thinking about bellies.


Half of the reason I want to loose weight is so that when I strap on my fake belly, it looks that much more massive.


Why yes, I'm exactly as horny as I am chubby.


Like seriously, sign me up to be your cum dumpster bimbo

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It's probably a good thing that I was married when I came out as trans because otherwise I would let just about every queer person on the planet fuck my brains out.

Pregnancy Kink 

I still think it would be pretty cool of you to put a couple of babies in me.


I am awake and I am horny.

What else is new.


I am thinking of my favorite kink and wondering just what it would take to make it happen for realsies.


Do I like wearing my breast inserts because it makes me feel like a bimbo thot that makes all of the boys and girls drool?


lewd, t/t sex talk 

I ~so~ miss lying naked atop another transfeminine cutie and the feel of how my nipples press against their budding breasts and I miss holding their wrists controllingly and rubbing girldick on girldick twitching like the clits they are.

I mean I haven't done that in *weeks*, it's so unfair :blobcry:

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