that didn't work for the Romans and it won't work for you

@goblingirl What about solargoth(s)? 🖤 ☀️ 🖤 ?
In, or out, the sunlight?

🧐 because me , an intellectual solargoth thinks it's best to keep in the shade of trees.

And (yes an And at the beginning because this is an exception in grammar, the one I can't find the name of) if this is a religious fatwa, How dare they think I wouldn't high-five Jesus, it's because Saul/Paul and Irenaeus that I can't identify as Christian (which meant to mean: Jesus was pretty cool, I'ld high-five him)

@goblingirl That's not even in a gothic font, god damn it!

@goblingirl behind the counter there's a picture of king alaric with the words "do NOT allow this man into the store _under any circumstances_!!!1!!!!1!"

But, the fonts of the note are Roman, should it not be better in Gothic fonts ?

@goblingirl Haha. History jokes are the best. Also, never before thought of both historical and modern day goths.

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