The new Venom movie has a scene with intense flashing lights (the lab entry scene) and I received no warnings and had to leave (just for that scene) as I am epileptic!!! PLEASE share this since I’ve seen NO warnings being shared and this is very important and can prevent people from having seizures etc during the film.

Source: tumblr (not me)

@goblingirl I'm boosting the hell out of this but, like, what the fresh hell?

Did we learn culturally nil from the Porygon episode of Gen1 Pokémon where most of Japan and America's youth found out in the worst way that they were photosensitive?

@tahajin I'm personally only prone to photosensitive migraines, not seizures, but ... no, we learned nothing. Strobe lights and patterns of flashes are everywhere -- hell, I went to the Rainforest Café yesterday and their simulated thunderstorm included lightning flashes.

@goblingirl Fair, but still! I'm still just agog, if I'm being honest. Like, some storefronts over here still use that obnoxious strobe lights in their windows and behind their signs to try and draw attention and sometimes it's so bright that it causes car accidents by non-photosensitive persons who were just blinded by it.

It quite literally takes more effort to make flashing lights than to just use something else. (And lightning usually flashes once, come on..)

@goblingirl Does anyone know how far into the movie this scene is?

@goblingirl ugh, thank you so much for this :(

my bf has photosensitive epilepsy and i have to prescreen action/sci-fi movies before i go see them w/ him bc of shit like this; he wants to go see it this weekend so i'll warn him

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