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My pronouns shift between she/her and they/them occasionally.

No, I don't expect anyone else to keep up with it, though the effort is appreciated.

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My special interests, since y'all asked ...

Tabletop RPGs
Escape rooms
DIY projects
Board games
Punk, metal, & goth
Fancy rats
Conspiracies & cryptids
Horror (especially SCPs)
Star Wars
Nintendo (specifically)
Being in the forest
Water in motion
assorted fandoms

tired: naming your daughter khaleesi
wired: naming your son kal-el
inspired: naming your child kahless the unforgettable and gifting them a bat'leth for their first birthday

Petition to replace the word "grapefruit" with "pamplemousse" in english.

Because pamplemousse is way more fun.

And if we all just start doing it, it'll happen.

I've had mixed thoughts about these glasses before but I've finally decided: they make me look hot as hell (selfie, eye contact, boosts ok)

splatoon 2 is almost perfect -- there's just one thing it needs

... of all the DuckTales characters they could make super hot in the reboot, I would not have expected *Gandra Dee*.

Of course, just like Fenton's mother, they did it by throwing the original character away completely and only reusing the name ... but in these two cases that was exactly the right thing to do.

99% of Media: "Wouldn't you be happier as a millionare?"

1% the truth: "You'd be happier if the millionares had their eyes pecked out by feral pidgeons."

Today's gender is tiredness and the sound of a vuvuzela.

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