suggest colorful wigs at me, or like, places to get decent colorful wigs

boost if you want but mainly feed me knowledge

@gasp hello friend! I am a wig fan! I originally purchased this wig from, and I love it. They’ve stopped carrying it, so I order it from now. I’ve also found some great colorful wigs from, though I haven’t found any I like on myself from there yet!


hell yeah that's a cool wig!

thanks for the suggestions, i'll check out all three!

@gasp happy to talk wig shop any time! I suffer from alopecia universalis, so wigs are life for me. I’ve also been enjoying cable knit hats. (See this photo)


my hair is mostly just really fine, so for any styles longer than chin length i need to appeal to outside help -- thus the wigs!

also i have officially grown the lightened portion of my hair far enough out that i am probably losing it in my next trim, which gives me an additional impetus to finally take the dive

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