softly stroking the back of where your skull meets your neck, ambiently

Wanting to feel turned on, though more reflective and introspective rn

Syndicalism is looking valid af rn send flirt

How do flirt is it a thing people can teach im bad at starting things

relationship bottom line about dates 

of course after each of us is made aware that that's a bottom line because I don't want to just end something beautiful just because of a misunderstanding

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relationship bottom line about dates 

its ok you can go on your phone while we have a date we just might not have another date and its a bottom line unless it's a linux phone

Personal, fat 

My window's open

Overheard a person walking past talking about how she's interested in becoming obese and I was immediately interested

you don't deserve a home unless you have a home in mind


and she hit harder
no one else was around to witness
her clit red and ecstatic throb , found a way of way

im unable to think shes pounding on me im rippling shes crying my name hot cheeks fuck fuck fuck

th e moment before you die and you recognize fade


and they held the knife to my throat'
felt shaving though she had her cock inside me, throbbing

smiles in my view I wAS paralyzed too much to feel it

she thrust harder I felt the blood spill

we're walking the same direction your eyes prying on my shoulders im looking at your hands while we're going different directions

lewd, casual thought 

thinking of all the people I want to have sex with after covid stops killing us

will there ever be a day that sexual energy doesn't come into consideration while we all are living 'nonsexual' lives

even for asexual people, yous still have to deal with all ours sexual energies as well *sigh*

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