finally got a 3070 after saving up and literally waiting in the cold for 6 hours the other night...its pretty dope

rough night at work but i was able to take a bunch of leftover food to homeless people after work tonight

cyberpunk is pretty fun honestly but i cant get todays patch to work rip

I guess i just suck at conversation no one ever wants to talk to me for more than a few minutes if they even talk at all :<

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man physical isolation sucks but like i literally have no one to talk to even online like im socially isolated from everyone except my wife my parents and my coworkers to some extent

i wanna be a wild potato and just sleep underground til i die or whatever (not in a depressing way)

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If cyberpunk isn't real then how come a bunch of us have stupid haircuts, online alter egos we identify with more than our real names, alter our bodies and hate cops

I'm hype to play cyberpunk and get no frames tomorrow out of my dying gpu :D

There needs to be a maximum wage and minimum wage needs to be way higher also i dunno what im getting at fuck rich people

Oh I have a cat now and im sure how it happened he just kinda showed up one day and was perfect

I wish I wasn't so good at it cause it stresses the tits off of me

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mooooooostly so i can ride one into battle but yknow cuteness doesnt hurt either

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I want to breed snails for size and speed also slugs

Turns out managing a store sucks dick and i hate it *shurg*$fairladygearhead

hey if anyone wants to help me not be homeless and stuff id appreciate it a lot cause i cant go back to work til i get a negative covid test that i have to pay out of pocket for and im desperate and not sure what to do to make it.

oh and i cant go to work til tuesday at the earliest and thats IF i get a negative covid test but i dunno if i have it or not

wifes mobo failed so we had to replace that then my graphics card failed and i cant replace that cause $$$

man my luck is like an unpinned hand grenade this week

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