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my standards for following: make me giggle, make me think and not hate what i'm thinking about, post cute animals, be an otter

one of them qualifies you

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i took the bdsm test for the heck of it 

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i'm a poly transgirl with doctor dre's voice, an interest in otters, gaming, writing and soundcloud rapping. also i might be gay

is there any reason not to use ubuntu as Erin's First Linux Distro?

someone just asked me if you can fill a pressure washer with hot dog water

i feel like my 'yes' has just enabled a horrific prank and i'm really unhappy that they never told me what the prank is

*leaning too close to the microphone*

this next song is called "I ate too much jackfruit and i feel kinda sick but also my dick doesn't work these are probably unrelated but I'm upset about both of them at the same time ft. Russ"

@lynnesbian today my girlfriend taught me what a hen is and now so many of your posts make so much more sense

i'm cuddly, affectionate, i can bless you with the dysphoria for those sweet, sweet drifting skills

Idea: a romance novel about a dragon who keeps a demon for a pet but the demon thinks she’s keeping the dragon as a pet but in reality they’re just gay and they kiss a lot.

carefully rolling up balls of snow and sticking them in the freezer so you can rub your face on them in the months ahead and giggle gleefully

honestly like i just want a cute girl to tuck me in and read me a silly story about how everything's going to be okay and maybe rub my tummy

my superpower is not knowing anything but always knowing who to ask

where's the magic in a world where red leader doesn't check in

are you an otter and if so can we kiss and maybe touch tails thank you this has been my TED talk

het relationships, queer relationships, observances 

bad holiday films 

might fuck around and give my gender the vacation it's deserved for 29 years

everyone's talking about soda and no one's focusing on the fact that dr pepper and mr pibb don't use the dot in their title

I'm just a lesbot... Programmed to lov girls...

Don't talk to me, my son, or my massively out-of-scale father ever again.

unfollow me if you still think Hugo Weaving is real

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