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anyways for those who care i have a monads alt now, planning on using it for hobby stuff maybe for motivational reasons or just cus i can i dont know how my brain works

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i never made an introduction post over on my other account so ill make one here

hey there I'm alice i post about my cock and balls way too much if you wanna mute me to not have to see that go ahead no hard feelings!!!!

I like art and programming and I know an almost usable amount of spanish, I'm a big fan of touhou and I love my wife you should follow her

ARR Y'shtola: Cat Girl :)
HW Y'shtola: Cat Girl :) With ZTR :)
SB Y'shtola: Cat Girl :) Thinks colonialism is good :) :)
SHB Y'shtola: goth mommy catgirl. just forget about that colonialism part please we are begging you


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thinkin about straight vampires again pfffffft bhahaha

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