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and I guess interaction guide?
interact with my toots however you want I love attention
reply/like all you want, even every single post
if you're mean I'll block you tho

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Pinned post cause I'm a dork:
HI, I wanna make friends or have people lust over me, or both. Leftist that hasn't read any theory and doesn't want to. Ask me anything about myself and I will answer, I love to talk about myself. Especially about my trauma/plurality/sex. I would also love to listen to you talk about those things too :3
The most meaningful piece of media to me is Homestuck and probably the quickest way to describe myself is that I feel similar to Calliope/Tavros

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Bokura wa naku tame ni
Umareta wakejanai yo
Bokura wa makeru tame ni
Umaretekita wakejanai yo
Umaretekita wakejanai yo

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getting all sentimental(?) thinking about how at some point I will have an orgasm that's my last orgasm

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hot take 

'wholesome' and 'horny' are not opposites

things can be both wholesome and horny at the same time


people buying me drinks is great
more people should buy me drinks
I will drink them all

my dial turning from "down with cis" to "death to cis" today

it only really just dawned on me that there are people out there that throw away egg yolks and
I can't understand that

dumb joke 

they call it that because it's what I use to listen to music

how do they resist the urge to give it to people that need it

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the fact that people with lots of money exist boggles my mind sometimes

god I am so lucky I never actually grew chest or back hair

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While You Were Partying, I Studied the Babes

for as many types of guys there are
there are just as many types of vriskas

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