i forgor how ugh my cage is
need to get a different one

kink, bondage, toys 

considering tying myself up with a vibrator going :blobcatmelt:


hi im locked in chastity cage again

reminder that im rlly teaseable and ur allowed to tease me and make me blushy

i seriously think about how much fun itd be to suck my own dick but im not flexible enough

lewd obvs 

d: i woke up horny againnnnnn
s: :3!!!!!!!!!

lewd silly 

can someone fuck me awake please

upskirt, lewd 

what are you doing down there?
are you...enjoying the view?

Wanna take some selfies but im sleepy and also cant decide on a pose or angle or whatever

lewd, dawn NO dont, shitpost about my teeth extraction 

They told me i should stick to soft food for the time being and to avoid hard foods.

Didn't say i couldn't have soft girldick. :3

lewd shitpost 

Insert dick to complete transaction

lewd programming shitpost 

forth you say?
why dont you cum forth on this girldick? :3c

sw, jokepost about payment processors 

Can a lady make money off of boob pics in peace?
payment processers: ew no women boob get out

Softcore(?), no ec 

No nips just orb.
you want nips you gotta ask for em hehe :blobcatgiggle:

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