Hey, if I've got any followers in Ireland or Dublin especially - anyone willing to help me out with building a trans support network here? I might have ended up having to deal with this gender shit in a country where I barely even know anyone

big whoops

Currently in a big metal machine flying through the air at 900 km/h and 10000 meters high 💗

may/may not review the food here

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lol, this is a racist comic from the 60's about diversifying workforces but it actually owns

ya girl is going back to Dublin in like 8 hours!!!

I can't believe I've been shadowbanned by the stalino-maoist ideologue John Mastodon

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I think I've realised I don't like high-pressure games, which isn't actually much of a surprise considering I have 15 hours in CS:GO and 108 hours in Euro Truck Simulator 2

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Jon Jon
Yes gf?
Chugging cum?
No gf
Telling lies?
No gf
Open your mouth
Ha ha ha

Important thing inside 

uniforms 👏 with 👏 miniskirts

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@feminineforms cool as hell that im finding out that wil's stupid fucking blocklist shenanegans actually killed a lot of struggling queer artist's ability to get any sort of income. like he literally put queer people on the street.

broke: leaving the EU
woke: staying in the European Union
A S C E N D E D: establishing the European Commonwealth of Socialistic Brotherhood and Unity

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"Then... he pays /you/ thirty-five dollars a day to tell him to work faster!"

being a dweeb 

oh my god I've got a girlfriend I think I've got a girlfriend I'm a dweeb and I'm gay we're girls and we're friends aaaaaaaa :gay: :heart_sparkles_lesbian: :heart_sparkles_lesbian:

"Ctrl" is the kinkiest key on the keyboard

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‪Eating the rich is the only ethical form of consumption ‬in 2018

little caesar's except the "caesar" is pronounced like they do in Fallout: New Vegas

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warhammer gushing/ slightly lewd in game pic 

new DLC for total warhammer adds poison whipped 'Sisters of Slaughter' and people I am fckin HERE FOR THIS

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