Fellow trans folk in the US, this is extremely important. It's not the only source of info about us that authority figures will be given to consider, but it's one of the biggest. And if we speak up where we know they'll see, it's easier to hold them accountable if they ignore us.

Data-based policy is the best policy. Let's make sure they have accurate data.


If you're looking for permission to be horny, today, here it is. Be your horniest self. Tell them I sent you.

You can only be accused of abuse so many times before you start to believe you're an abuser.

Hello, world! I'm new to this instance, but not the Fediverse. You can track down more about me as @danhunsaker@retro.social, @sendoshin@social.wxcafe.net, and @sendoshin@cafe.awswan.com if you like.

Other than that... AMA!


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