matched with a hot guy on tinder but he's only into hookups >_>

utterly tyrannical with how much i'm thinking about gridlock

i don't need therapy i need to suck catboy dick

what if i kissed you (and we were hetero 😳)

i wanna be the 6' guy from that greentext where the dude is like "don't be such a silly little boy" except a girl

so fucked that i'm not being waited on by a harem of beautiful twinks 24/7

fuckboy? why yes as a matter of fact i would

or yknow. top someone who calls me babygirl. i'm not picky

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feel like shit just wanna bottom for someone who calls me mommy

*wistfully* i could totally take on 3 catboys

feel like pure shit just need to cuddle with a woman who's taller than me

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