sorry but I'm just BIOLOGICALLY INCLINED to think girls with dicks are hot

I'm a trans futanari. my transition goals are to have a cute cock and a wet pussy. thanks for coming to my TED talk

i'm a nonbinary trans woman. my goals are big tits and fat nuts. thank you for your time

get u a sexy home depot worker who's forklift certified and can do home improvement stuff (I'm talking about me)

I want to fuck someone's butthole really badly

I'm glad I can tell my wife "no I don't want to tell you what I just laughed at"

body image, exercise 

I decided two weeks ago that i need to tone my core. I have scoliosis, and strong abdominal muscles will take pressure off my spine. It'll relieve pain.

Also, i saw a really hot girl with toned abs demonstrating her workout routine. She inspired me!!

This is me today, day 1 of the new workout routine. Not a bad starting point. I don't have too much belly fat i think so i can focus on core exercises and not worry about cardio

I will never do that AGAIN
I'm not perfect but I don't have to be perfect to love myself

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I will never love anyone else as much as I love myself and I'm not sorry

I'll say what I'm getting my gf after her birthday is over in case she looks here for hints 👀

But here's what I'm getting her cat. He likes to drink out of the faucet

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