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boundaries post 

- not rly into masculine folks
- boosts appreciated
- please flirt with me in replies or DMs, but beware, I may fall in love with you
- i have low self esteem please don't degrade me too much
- but do call me a slut because that's true
- i may (not) be into light furry stuff?? i don't know???? help??
- not into piss/shit etc.
- other than that i'm very adventurous and down for anything, please help me explore!

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🚨 i am extremely flirty w/ mutuals sometimes and if i cross any boundaries or become annoying please yell at me!! 🚨

last boost, kink 

further evidence that i should just be someone's pet and not bother with anything else

oops sad 

i've determined that basically all i'm good for is looking cute

i'm not a bottom i'm just small and sensitive and make lots of noises!!! >:T

sex shitpost 

discuss boundaries 20m
initiatory foreplay 25m
discuss trauma 30m
initiatory foreplay 40m
play with cat 10m
foreplay 35m
snack break 20m
play with cat 10m
foreplay 20m
discuss boundaries 10m
foreplay 40m

if i'm so "valid" then why isn't there a titty in my mouth right now

extremely horny 

to clarify because people mentioned it: this isn't me saying that i don't wanna be teased about kink shit, i love that stuff. if you're my friend obv

this is me saying that i DO want that cause i love talking about this stuff especially when i'm hornt but i also know that if it happens, isntead of responding in fun, entertaining ways that lead to cute fliratious conversations, i'll go "ajkdfasjklhasdflkhadf please aaaaaa" over and over again which isn't what most people WANT

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shaving, not a sex thing but i know some of you sex freaks may enjoy it 

the problem with having enormous cartoon thighs is how hard it is to shave all of them

kink, s u b b y 

want to be someone's pet tbh,,,,,,

kink, subby 


kinda wanna be caged tbh

lewd gay yearning 

want sleepy cuddlefuck, in my tbh

nsfw, hypnokink themes, tech kink, WIP screenshot 

New pet project (read: project for my pet)!

Stops my dog from expressing complex thoughts using a speech jammer, plays intermittent unpredictable puppy clicker triggers to keep it docile and empty, and loops its mantras to fill its head right back up with new suggestions c:

Next I’d like to get this talking to my shock toy so I can add some discipline controls as well

and then I can automate~

lewd, lockpicking, sex joke 

sex would be harder but also more gratifying if it was literally lockpicking the vagina

ok... click on one,,, click on two.... three's a little bit wet...
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