ever look at a long list of torrent trackers, then notice some of the urls sound like mastodon instances, so you check them out and when port 80/443/8080 didn't work, you check 3000, and then there's a teeny tiny community of like four people in some tiny alcove of the Internet and you think "huh, neat"?

is it ethical to sell porn while you are still pubescent?

so, I played a VN by Froey, and it seemed okay, but then I had kind of an episode. about dissatisfaction with my life, which just led to a lot of sobbing, but those sounded deep and ugly, which led to bashing my head into the wooden bed thing. (not as a conscious choice; too fast). then I was kind of emotionally volatile for a week or so. I was told it was very integrative, and for a day or two I actually felt happy and not empty. then I got tired again. now I'm here!

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wow, I had a crazy week or so. idk/r how long I forgot about this platform? probably before all that stuff...

I have reasoned that the percentage of people who hate me is at least around 85%.

I'd also accept doping enough of them with HRT to create severe dysphoria, and then giving them a detailed guide to suicide techniques.

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why is it the left is never more violent? neo-Nazis come to our events with riot gear, people spread the narrative that we're all "groomers", and sometimes shoot up clubs. I saw a thread suggesting that "Antifa" and the neo-Nazis were one in the same. why haven't we retaliated? why haven't more of them choked on anthrax or some other weapon? their minds won't be changed, and nothing will lower their opinions of us. so remove the threat.

now I guess I see few options for this exact level of spoons beyond bitching to strangers on the Internet.

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tbh, I burned myself out on hyperfocus then felt overwhelmed by the mass of information I hadn't consumed, or else had forgotten.

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I think I just wasted an hour looking at prime lenses on eBay with no money and no intention to buy anything. Well, whatever keeps me from doing something fun, I guess.

ooh! there was this thing on the Cartoon Network website during Toonami's first run. you had your own room, and you decorated it with stuff from random drops, and you could see other peoples', and this should've been when I knew I was queer.

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these are a bit more well-known, but Pink Tentacle and Ectoplasmosis! (the latter is on Tumblr, but it isn't quite the same).

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