@trashcat a firewall isn't spiteful enough

You want something that bans the specific IP but like, only when you try to connect.

Then it's like, an active insult rather than a policy

@trashcat locked door = boring, standard

Open door, but you tell anyone who enters to fuck off and throw them out = the personal touch your network needs



By "throw them out", do you mean literally or mataphorically?

@PixelRefresh @trashcat literally, if we're talking about data packets. Act like the connection doesn't exist and dump em.

If we're talking about actual doors, I'm not going to leave my door open to begin with so it's not really relevant.

@c24h29clo4 @trashcat Ooh! I was thinking of something like this once, but my version reflected traffic back to the source, with the option to run additional payloads like maybe a quick port scan. I want systems that have that, "don't fuck with me" feeling.

@karlexceed @trashcat I'll be honest, hacking as a default reaction is a little too prosecutable for my risk appetite.

Plus, like, not every contact attempt is malicious, and I don't like the idea my system would brick some 8 year olds computer bc they mistyped the minecraft server ip, ya know?

@c24h29clo4 @trashcat Definitely understandable, though there are several things short of 'hacking' that could happen. Like a simple ping, access attempt on port 80, etc. And we could limit this reaction based on what's observed. Attempts at port 22, for instance, rather than 50000 or whatever Minecraft uses.

But yes, a system like this isn't really practical as any sort of real defense. Just for funsies. Maybe only run it at cons, etc.

@c24h29clo4 @trashcat And really, it's just about the concept of a more reactive system, rather than the typical drop or deny that firewalls do.

Of course, anyone paying attention and motivated enough would probably find this behavior more intriguing than anything, so it's effect would likely backfire immediately.

@karlexceed @trashcat I was going to say "do you want script kiddies to get their friends to help hack your network?" because that is the likely outcome.

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