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Cybersecurity, body mod 

Ok so how do I get a hsm implanted in my head so I don't have to remember secrets


I'm not socially isolated and assuming everyone I talk to hates me actually you're socially isolated

Tech nightmare 

I'm actually considering using blockchain for something

Mh adjacent 

@meandering_misfit just now that's genuine and definitely not out of context :
"obviously [...] I have a [...] twisted mind"

No context will be provided. Not lewd 

i just got stabbed in the ass

Nsftt (not safe for theatre techs) 

This was a joke cw but I checked and people have Opinions on which gaffer tape is best so it's genuine now

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Nsftt (not safe for theatre techs) 

I got the GOOD tape

Work, screm 

I can't be more specific here, but rest assured that AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


I want a very specific rice pudding but the store that sells it is a) hundreds of kilometres away and b) closed a few years ago

tech misinfo 

If you say "stand up a server" and accidentally type "stand-up" you legally have to invite that server to your next stand-up

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Controversial tech take 

Apparently "run up" is also used and I'm fine with that

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Controversial tech take 

You don't "stand up" a vm/virtual service /etc you "spin up"

Lewd adjacent 

Look it's @meandering_misfit

Image source:

Selfie ec 

getting to the point i need to buzz my head again. Should probs recheck where its cut too to make sure the line is right lol

lewd implication 

I think im a switch because im
1. Portable
2. Fun sized
3. Affordable
4. Easy to use

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