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Operating systems are fucking *complex*

Windows q 

Does anyone know which process / services catches winkey + p and similar shortcuts and/or drag and drop? (w10, 1909)

@ Linux techbros: I will Install Windows vista over Linux on a machine for every "don't use Windows" comment.

it's a HUGE security flaw you can just revive any dead instance, remake old accounts, and get *all* their posts


Tubes are illegal in my state

"(8)  A blow-gun or blow-pipe that is capable of projecting a dart, or any other device that consists of a pipe or tube through which missiles in the form of a dart are capable of being projected by the exhaled breath of the user or by any other means other than an explosive."


Cw for Cybersecurity anxiety fuel, caps 


when ur a dog chef u use 

woofchestire sauce

Whoa... check this out... someone put the "This is not a place of honor" meme on an old sign! This owns!! Bro let's make a fucken city here

Covid, assholes 

If you're going to scream at someone doing their job for 5 mins for not wearing a mask

At least be wearing a mask yourself

Rats, cw IOT tech 

You don't have to tell me this is insecure - I know, and have taken this into account.

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Tech, bad tech practice I guess. 

Time to play "do I already have a valid public key or nah"


Why the fuck is discord on version

Why does it use that versioning format


Tax, uspol 

Reminder to ppl in the us that your tax returns are complex on purpose to make you pay money to lodge.

I just lodged my tax return - on my phone - in 5 mins. The only amount I entered was my union fees, and the rest I just had to check.

I had deductions, which I tracked with the free app available from the tax office, and uploaded them to the return directly.

This is how your system should be as well

Ctfs, tech elitism, subtoot 

Like, I'm sorry I'm not an American cybersecurity student, because apparently that's 'beginner' now. Apparently I should "just know" that a "Web" challenge doesn't mean compromise the Web server root, and when i questions where I can learn more about the scope I'm referred to FUCKING LEGISLATION

And don't reccomend me the mastodon blahaj team this is where this bullshit happened.

All the ctfs are in utc and start on Sunday morning for me.

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Ctfs, tech elitism 

If anyone has any leads on an open ctf team that's *actually* beginner friendly, and won't tell me to READ WHOLE LAWS when I ask a question about scope, feel free to @ me I'm interested

Negative mh 

I'm too useless to do Ctf's and I should just give up

I'm trying to do it with a "beginner" team and I don't know what the fuck they're talking about 90% of the time and my approachs to problems are wrong as well and I'm just supposed to "know"??????

Foss licensing, hot take 

MIT licence sucks ass

"include a copy if you use substantial portions" is both annoying and ultimately pointless

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Foss licensing, ICE mention 

I like the idea of the license that forbids use by like, ICE and us police and shit in their various human rights abuses but like, I feel like that'll be a) unenforceable in practice and b) make it much harder to use the software because it's yet another sharealike license to deal with

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