Solar energy 

I wonder how many "dead" solar panels are thrown out every year that are actually just 50-60% efficient now and no longer meeting the needs of domestic power generation.

Instead of trying to recycle them, those could power street lights / environmental sensors / any number of things that only need a couple watts to tens of wattsp most of the time

Bam, your "disposable" solar panel suddenly lasts 150 years and you have another 100 years to figure out how tk recycle them

Laws but not serious 

How the fuck did the phrase "get rid of it" find its way into an actual law

Who fucking wrote that.

Is there an easy (like, end user easy) way to do simple decoding of a 433mhz remote?

Need to extract a static key from a remote, or rather, I need other people to do that without needing my help

Car dealers 

HAHAHAH a fucking car dealership is selling an ex military land rover 91' 6x6 and has the gall to call it "low kms" because the odo is 78k

Slimy assholes even wrote themselves an out by saying "low documented kms".

It might be a good deal if it wasn't unregistered and virtually unregisterable unless you have incredible patience.

Uspol, specifically CA 

California isn't more progressive. they just have a bunch of ultimately ineffective but progressive sounding laws and apparently that fools everyone.

Genuine, root cause addressing change? Nah.

But Petrol mowers? Owning scary looking guns? Marginally dangerous chemicals in fucking everything? BAN THAT IMMEDIATELY

Niche Australian problems 

Aldi's quality control has really been rough lately. Got a light with a bonus resistor directly across the battery a month or two ago.

And now I have a torch that's refusing to charge and it's unclear why

I really need better test equipment :/

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Idea for a terrible invention:

A fox machine.

It works over the telephone lines, and no matter what you scan in from your side, it sends a picture of a fox over to the machine on the other end.

Masto complaining 

Worst feature of mastodon: they included a reply button, absolute amateur error

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Masto complaining 

I fucking hate the 500 character limit. Absolutely decimates my ability to make a coherent post, so it means I just don't talk about stuff

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Weird car take, abelism 

Saw someone legitimately suggest no one should own a car, and roads / car parks etc shouldn't exist. You can only have a bicycle

If you think that, just admit you're happy to force disabled people to stay at home all the time, and that your weird idealogical purity of no cars is worth a bunch of people dying because YOU CAN'T FUCKING BICYCLE TO A HOSPITAL

Also I guess to be fair on them - it was 20kohm, meaning it would take 60 days to drain the battery - still a lot more than the 1-2% per month self discharge figure I would expect though.

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Looks like redundant battery protection (there's a protection circuit on the battery AS Well as the board) saved the battery!

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Look I appreciate the free resistor, but maybe next time DON'T short it directly across the lithium cell so it discharges to 0v????????

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Peeps in #Australia, you might be interested in signing this petition to make access to Australian standards easier and more affordable - a bit of a no-brainer, really.

Shared by @dadegroot , thanks to him for spotting it!


Indie game discourse 

"indie game" is about as meaningful as "game" for most of the ways it's practical used.

So maybe - just maybe - if you like "indie games" you in fact have a preference for a specific genre of game or type of creator, and don't like games simply because there isn't a "AAA studio" behind it as you so often state

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Indie game discourse 

2/2 great first or second game, but just aren't enjoyable to most people because of understandable mistakes and limitations you make in your first few games

(forgot to add to the "most" category - the ones that are just porn)

Then you get to the 1-2% of games which aren't like that, and you actually enjoy - the ones YOU would call indie games

Think my numbers are off? Go to steam, search by soonest release date.

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Indie game discourse 

I'd argue most people who claim to like "indie games" actually don't - they like a specific subset of indie games that is within their interest niche. At best, a subcategory - like games by queer creators.

But, numerically - those are the outlier. Most non-aaa games (common definition of indie games) are not like this.

Most of them are a mix of asset flips, shameless poor quality clones and crypto miners / virus.

Some are games made by inexperienced devs which are a (1/2)


I've worked it out, pasta is just a scam

Turns out "cheap" dried pasta is actually better for most of the things I like

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Is there something I'm missing about fresh (commercially produced) pasta? It was so starchy I had to rinse it post cook.

Do you need special water?? Do I need to rinse it? Does it not like being cooked in something that doesn't cost $200 from a famous chef?????????

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