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in my machine version, a small meter reads 0-5. It starts at 5, and each time you pull its chain, the number goes down by 1. The number is only replenished by waiting. It goes up every 4.8 (24/5) hours, so you get 5 "spoons" a day.

Here it is seen before and after some weathering. I want this machine to reflect both the durability of the spoon theory idea, as well as the hard-earned experience of those practicing it.

#MastoArt #interactive #sculpture #ElectronicsCreators

wow, they made inventory management from tarkov a real thing! it's called "house work"

Impolite reminder that indefinite, reversible birth control for people with penises (RISUG) has been in development for the best part of 40 years - 2.5x the average length of time to market for comparable products - but drug companies won't fund trials because the ovarian hormonal contraceptive pill has to be taken regularly and they make much more money from that.

But sure, capitalism drives innovation

focusing sober sucks but doing other things high sucks too :/

free covid tests (u.s.) 

you can request free covid tests from the federal government again! this time we get 8 free ones


if bowl of food, put face in bowl! It's common sense!

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practicing eating like a human as job prep ama

dear mr nikita,
i would like to be able to hurl my gun at the enemy after i have run out of ammunition

"youre hot"? you think you can just say that to me???


genitals meta 

wow not being tucked is really uncozy to me. wei used to not do it ever??

;o; it climbed into a mesh laundry basket and is getting rocked and swung about, it looks so fun

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