@Hexephre well being a loud and wretched little gremlin has brought me only good things here so i highly recommend it 😇

@Hexephre there's nothing wrong with posting lots imo! although yeah it's easy for muis to get sucked into fedi for a long time and having a tracker for that helps a little

lewd nothing 

[danny phantom "i'm going ghost!" voice] I'm getting close!

wile ike ike ike e jan ike. pini ni la, wile moli e ona

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misinfo (just straight up lying), kink shitpost 

if it's cwd 'shitpost' that means I'm not really into it

(beep beep beep)
(half-life HEV suit voice) gender dysphoria detected
(boop boop)
hormones administered

Anyone interested in working on translating some Black anarchic theory?


If you can bring language expertise, we can flesh out context, background etc. to hopefully make it good. We have the author's permission

flirt meta 

@mjdxp oh no that is too bad! ;o;
btw you having trouble getting your thoughts out? Something on your mind distracting you? 😇

flirt meta 

@mjdxp oh, that's too bad 😔

uwu :blobcatpeek:

@the_feral_housewife Trash Dragon Cum Spigot [S̶̥̆k̷͎̀a̴̠̎t̴̡͛į̸̀n̸̏͜g̶̳̈ ̷̭̓F̶̨̍o̵̫͝r̴̮̄ṃ̸̀]

non stinky kobold (this will be rectified as soon as possible)

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