are there any fedi musicians/producers who would be interested in doing an exchange remix project?

i haven't thought it out in detail but the starting point is the concept of remixing one (or possibly more) of each other's tracks

(boosts welcome)


i'm not a musician (tho @raekh is) but i've seen one really cool music friend concept before called in the dark, where the musicians involved send each other loops of various length/content and then they mix the loops they received into a track

@aradinfinity @raekh that sounds like a really interesting idea alright - is that available on bandcamp? might be a way of incorporating something like that in too...

@kiki @raekh
yeah i got the idea from joseph andreoli, one of the members of giraffes? giraffes!

here's the bandcamp link to one of the in the dark albums they did, with a more in depth explanation beneath the music

@aradinfinity @raekh i'm not familiar with giraffes? giraffes! (i do like the name though) will check them out - thanks for the bandcamp link, looking forward to hearing this!

@aradinfinity @kiki omg yeah ive been wanting to something like that for a while tbh i feel like it could be interesting

@raekh @aradinfinity great stuff! as there's a few people who've expressed interest we're looking at doing a group exchange project if that works for you? if you'd prefer to do a one-to-one exchange that's fine too

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