the ghandi glitch in civ 

so, in the original civ, every character had an "aggression" value from one to ten, and upon reaching diplomacy, they would reduce it by two
ghandi had the lowest score, a one. upon reaching diplomacy, the computer would attempt to lower that by two, going first to zero and then to 255
on a scale of one to ten, ghandi was now a two hundred and fifty five of /nuclear rage/
this bug was repackaged as a feature and kept for future releases of civ

the ghandi glitch in civ 

@aradinfinity i knew about this but not how it worked. Thanks for explaining.

the ghandi glitch in civ 


Programmer A: "Let's use signed char for this. What's the worst that can go wrong?"
Programmer B, knowing about math and overflows, sarcastically: "I don't know. Let's do this!"

And thus, sarcasm was banned from civ meetings.

re: the ghandi glitch in civ 

@aradinfinity oh, I get it, now…

(recently been betrayed by a foaming Ghandi in Civ5)

bitter and petty, mention of suicide 

@aradinfinity That must have been around the time when he wrote that letter to the german jews suggesting that they should commit suicide to spite the nazis!

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