*scrolling the timeline* *forgetting which account I'm on* "who the fuck am I again?”

Hello is this Dick's? I'd like to make a return.

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Boost this toot and I will tell you your level of divorced energy

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B-but... for two AIs to modify each other...
Aaah! It's forbidden!

I can donate to @Elizabeth on Patreon but she'll no longer get $69/month :blob_dizzy_face:

lewd, rude, silly 

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there are multiple shots in the new godzilla movie in which godzilla stares directly into the camera and they make me extremely and innexplicably horny

@Elizabeth Could we get :boost_ok: and :boost_no: or similar emoji on here?

trans stuff, surgery, community 

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trans surgery question, zd grs 

trans surgery question, zd grs 

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You come to my pocket camp on the day of my daughters wedding and you ask me for a bug

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Bottom surgery didn't turn out to be what I thought like they give you a vagina not make you a bottom via surgery.
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gonna hop into org mode and write some assembly

the old emacs org asm

i'm just a girl
standing in front of a girl

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