body functions 

I'm getting pretty good at peeing.

Was just walking around in the dark and I stubbed my camel toe :(

stupid, lewd 

zero-depth butthole

AMOLED: active-matrix organic light-emitting diode

LMAOLED: this lite-brite I just did of a dick and balls

cursed, penis 

idea: condoms with foreskin

i feel the need

the need, for to have peed

lewd, silly 

"sex education" is telling people it's spelled c-o-m-e

I am never more focused than when I'm using the Slack image uploader on my personal phone, carefully choosing a photo of my dog and *not* a photo of my healing vagina.

GRS recovery, reddit 

I'm afriad to post GRS recovery questions on Reddit because my surgeon isn't very well regarded. Someone posted a post-op report that almost exactly maps to my experience in every way, and multiple people said they were astroturfing.

I'll have to scrub my post and comment history of anything that links me to a specific surgeon before I ask any questions.

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GRS recovery, pain response 

Every time I see someone get hurt (e.g. a clip where someone falls) the pain reverberates through my genitals. There's this deep sympathy ache.

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Replacing the phrase "I've got an axe to grind" with "I've got an ass to grind"

irrational fears, genitals, pain 

Before surgery, I was afraid I would get into an accident and it would do damage to my genitals, and some well-meaning surgeon would rebuild a huge set of dick and balls for me.

🎶 Hit me with your breast pump 🎶

nothing, surgery, genitals 

lotta new followers on main after a eugen boost. gotta post an un-CW'd pic of my healing junk to thin the herd


i woke up this morning
with a bad hangover
and my penis was missing again

GRS recovery, hormones 

Gotta say, I'm pretty jazzed to get back on hormones this week, after a month and a half without.

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GRS recovery, bodily functions 

Peeing one week post-op got me like,

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