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please don't follow or interact in any way with this account if you are under 18.

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by the way, i have an account where i talk about progrmming and politics related to that. if you want it dm me (i'd rather not link it publicly because i dont want weird cis dudes to get off to my nudes after i make a git commit lol)

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now is a good time to point out that like my previous account, all nudes and licensed under cc0 >;)

horny choking textpost 

so fucking horny and want someone to choke me???

apparently someone on this instance is my friends gf. who are u @ me bi

trans femmes are so much better than everything

apparently someone on this instance is my friends gf. who are u @ me bi

account meta 

this is really different from what i usually post here so feedback is welcome. might make a 2nd account for X T r e m e K i n k z

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intense cbt, pain, girlcock! 

this hurt so fucking bad but i loved it :heart_trans:

nudity, nipples, hrt/tmi, body positivity 

even on new moons (when I don't have the swollenness bonus from progesterone) my nipples are just so puffed omg.

I learned to be proud of my big nips. they do mean, after all, that my babies are not done growing :bowsette_redhead:

@anarchogirlcock oh definitely not

But lemme devil's advocate a sec:

Still very no

also the worst kept secret of all time has been revealed: i am... chubby. chubby rights.

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that's all for now. i'll have some more at some point later, and filmed better, and i'll not look like... that. they were just filmed on a whim and i was like. "hey i should upload these"

didlo, anal insertion, painal, girlcock! 

yea nothin to say just. felt rly damn good lets be honest

dildo, oral (dildo), intense gagging 

when ur sucking ur gfs cock and she pushes it all the way in

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