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strip chess, sexual fluids, casual hookup 

i played strip chess earlier today with a friend, and it was really fun! i hadn’t like, done anything sexual with her since we first met, so it was super exciting and embarrassing!

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exhibitionist bdsm fantasy (d/s, bondage, sex) 

the idea that multiple queer people might look at something i’ve made and think “oh gods, she’s fucking delicious” makes me smile.

the idea that a queer person might see a photo of me and picture themselves pinning me down to their bed so they can tie me down and play with my squishy, twitchy body? that makes me feel a pulse down there 😊

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🚨i’m extremely flirty w/ mutuals, if i text something that upsets you or crosses a boundary, please tell me!


toylmyotmykyoymy ymhlyptmykyotky

i turned the lights off and then got really scared and wanted to hug her gods okay i’m baby

diapers >.< 


i always thought sagging diapers was just a porn thing, but like, the sheer weight of piss stretches it down in a kindof hot way!

lastly, diapers are very comfy! i slept wearing one and it felt like someone was hugging my butt 😊

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diapers >.< 

i tried diapers for the first time as an adult today! here are my notes:

pooping in a diaper is extremely uncomfortable & triggering for some reason. i don’t think i’d ever want to do it in a d/s situation

peeing in diapers is embarrassing and a little discomforting, but very tolerable! i really want to try having a gentle domme encourage me to urinate myself & call me a good girl / give me headpats afterwards



cg/l, mh improvements! 

i have been replacing post-breakup yearning with little-posting and doing tics and stims that make me feel cute!

today i just let myself say “bunnies!!!” in a falsetto a lot while moving my arms back and forth really quickly. it felt nice, and made me feel really subby! anyways hopefully someone will step on me soon ^u^

cg/l nonsense, lonley 

mommyyy,,, i niss my mom,,,,,, mother,,,,, momyyyyy mommy momymymymoymoymoommmymommyymommyyy hug me


littles!! what are they good for?
hugging and-a cuddling!

some days i feel like i am a fully competent adult

other days, i can't stop saying "Soap!!!" because it feels cute for some reason.
today i did the latter ^u^

baby nonsense 

mommyyy mommy milk mommy
i had cookies!!! and i drank a whole bottle of milk with them!!!! gonna go nini now!

reverse “stealthing” 

i gave a friend oral recently, and as part of the process i surreptitiously put a condom on her clitty. i think i used my mouth to push and unroll the latex over her shaft to be hot, but that made her totally unaware of the fact that she /was/ wearing a condom.

she was happy i used a condom, and i told her i’d use a condom beforehand, but like, it still feels funny. it’s like, the exact opposite of stealthing

nonsense, baby talk, foot fetish 

mommy!!! mother mommy mommy mother mommy mom!!!! mother!!! feet!!!! wa!!!!! mommy,,,, mother!!! FEET!!!

bdsm, cnc, sleep play 

i want someone to grope me,,,,, i had this one partner who would (consentually) squish my titties and clittu while i backed into them and like, gods it was nice to be a sleepy little sex object

cnc (bdsm) 

i love it when people wrestle me / pin me down before sex.

specifically, the moment where i realize that i actually *can’t* escape, and that my resistance is futile; that instantaneous point of exhaustion, when i suddenly understand the only way to stop that person from having their way with me is if i safeword, that’s when i feel the coziest. ^-^

cg/l, sleepyposting 

i think it’s not that i have a cg/l kink but rather that i am just a little and like doing cute shit & making cute noises even when nobody’s watching

anyways i am very sleepy rn. my brain wants me to rest and make cute baby noises to seek attention. have a good night, fedi!

-, cg/l 

not being able to call a someone “mommy” has made me kindof funky latley. breakups are wierd.

sad littleposting 

mommy said byby
i will miss her
still want to cling
crave that leggu

bondage fantasy 

i want to meet another trans girl at a play party who flirts with me and asks if i can strip down to socks so that she can tie a pentagram chest harness and use it to tug me around nude to different people 🥺

mh positivity, mention of kink 

one of my goals this summer was to broaden my social horizons.

so far i have started two new flings (with a crush and her partner), engaged in platonic bondage with a friend, registered for FetLife & gone to a couple irl kink events, learned toki pona, and gone to a couple of toki pona specific events

life is pretty good right now

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