One of the unforeseen side-effects of hrt: orgasms now make me even hornier.

Subversion of butch/femme dynamics, relationship 

I'm a bottom butch and my top femme girlfriend calls this a dark secret

autocorrect and queerness 

Dear phone, I'm not complaining, but please stop correcting my gender to 'demigod'. People are not ready yet.

Kink, situation 

So I was cuddling with two of my tops on the couch, and suddenly they united against me. Ouch...

HRT, feels 

I feel emotions, especially those regarding people I feel strongly connected to, so much more intensely since I have started HRT 4 months ago. This week has been a complete Rollercoaster :(

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More About Centrism, Since It's Such A Hot Topic Today 

I admire the smarts of people who always start negotiations out with half the store already given away. This is a surefire way to get almost everything you want. Yee haw.

HRT, pain, kink 

Not sure if chest pain is caused by estrogen or bitemark


On the other side, due to my body hating piercings it'd take years to have all of them pierced...

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Can I have like, 20 belly buttons? Thanks.
There are so many awesome jewelry options, and I may have bought 4 additional ones right now.

Queer anticapitalism 

Everything about our monogamous cisheteronormative dating culture (incl marriage, gender stereotypes, and children assigned to only two persons) is a system supposed to inflict trauma through power hierarchies and violence, to break class solidarity, and eliminate collective views on issues.

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An enby must never touch profane ground. As I walk, cis men lay down in front of me so I can walk across their backs like the deity I am.

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very NSFW, genitals and sex, vvvv lewd sexy talk, indirectly lewd at the reader 

thinkin about how girls who retain high hen function turn me on so much, rubbing their rock hard drooling girldicks all over my face

also thinkin about how girls who lose most of their function are so adorable and sexy, dripping out clear stuff in a way that's like, dainty and demure

also thinkin about how girls with vaginas are hot, getting all wet and hot and feeling nice on my fingers

also thinkin about how girls with both are amazing and beautiful, because like, wow, it's both, you get all the best things!!

also thinkin about how girls with non-standard/intersex genitalia are so much fun because pleasuring them is an entirely unique experience

also thinkin about how girls with no/unavailable genitalia are wonderful because we can get even more creative and love every little piece

basically thinkin about girl bits and also girls in general and how they're the best

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sex, dating 

Me: Okay, I just need someone to have sex with. Don't want anything romantic rn.
Also me: *crushes an ace person*

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Hi here are the pins on FL4K's jacket in Borderlands 3

(010 is just 2 in binary)


pride politics 

If things turn out right, the local pride in my town will actually deconstruct terfism, white feminism, and other minority-oppressing ideologies that disguise themselves as feminist or pro-queer.

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pride politics 

"last pride talked about trans, this year we have to talk about sexual orientation for fair balance"

I'm glad even the cis majority of our local pride organization group did not fall for this.

I'm sad this was a suggestion coming from the only other trans person at the meeting.

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boost if someone calling you a radical leftist is a compliment

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