Does anyone have recommendations for a good print-on-demand service for a 200-something-page paperback?

I was previously looking at Ka-Blam, but their website is pretty clunky and prone to frustrating bugs

I’ve heard good things about Mixam, but I don’t think they do paperbacks of this size, and their hardcover options are way too expensive

Verbal brain noise, TERF mockery 

Tired: TERFs

Wired: Karyotype fetishists


From last summer: dressing in my best “AI assistant of unknown power and loyalties” outfit, an action with far-reaching consequences.

(She/they, Interaction welcome)

Gender introspection 

I went by “(previous name), they” throughout most of college, with occasional forays into Being A Girl in very specific relationship contexts, and I don’t consider that to be wasted time or underdevelopment or anything - that was where I needed to be, and I felt good about it

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Gender introspection 

I’m eager to transition more, both physically and socially, but it helps to currently think of myself as “Alexi 1.0”

I have some great outfits, and a supportive job/online community, and future versions (with features like IRL friends who Get It, moving out, HRT) will all come in due time

Let’s do some , you can get as weird and prying as you want~

Came out to my mom! Went well, with a minimum of awkwardness!

I’m going by “Given Name), they” with my family, which I genuinely want to do for now

But still Miss Alexi over here~

I just sent a “going by Alexi, she/they” text to my cousin Alex who I’m sure will be cool with it

It felt pretty anticlimactic, and did a lot to disperse my stress

Personal stuff, positive 

Had a great time hanging out with a trans family friend!

His mom talks with my mom, so he told me that my mom probably has some inkling I’m NB/trans (has seen a skirt in my laundry, that sort of thing) which is both mortifying and a relief

It was a great talk overall, I feel like I’m one step closer to actually coming out to my parents and dealing with the awkward questions, whenever that may be

If I wanted to be truly obnoxious, I could go by “Zxx. Alexi XNOR Cryptovex”

That would be a fun business card, though...

Nudes (pictures), self-esteem (very positive) 

I haven't taken nudes in a long time. I have a very strong dysphoria about my body, and I don't have the luxury to always enjoy seeing my body naked.

So, today I felt I could try improving how I see myself by taking a few pictures of myself naked. I love these a lot (especially, I don't hate them so it's already a good start).

Here is me, my body, the woman I am. Trying to feel good and positive about myself, in these very hard times for me. I am happy I feel like sharing these pictures.

(No image description, sorry. Also, boosts are ok.)


From last summer: dressing in my best “AI assistant of unknown power and loyalties” outfit, an action with far-reaching consequences.

(She/they, Interaction welcome)

Gender stuff 

I like the role of “girlfriend” more than “girl,” or at least some very specific aesthetic like “Ominous goth-ish butch one step to the side of ‘woman’”

Or, more succinctly, Billie Eilish but 6’4”

My IRL relationship, silly 

Goddamn do I love being in a trans girl/trans guy relationship, for a lot of reasons

Including “calling each other reclaimed slurs in bed with a minimum of weirdness”


I dearly love this outfit (the Keith Haring shirt wasn’t originally a crop-top, but it’s what he would have wanted)

(She, Interaction welcome)

Trying out the name Alexi in the past few weeks, feels very good and right, now all I need is more IRL contexts where I’m able to use it beyond just “with my boyfriend”

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